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Today, my mom had the option of choosing anywhere in the world where we could go on vacation. We live in the USA and she chose to fly to Texas, rent an RV, and drive to Florida. Anywhere in the world. FML
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hey, atleast it's a vacation.. right? not Rio or Rome but it beats sitting at home

From what I understand, Texans believe they ARE the world, so maybe she felt she had no other choice.


Go to Disney World!!!

If the OP went to Disney's Epcot, it would be a cheaper version of traveling the world! :P

No, see... it was this poor posters incompetent mothers choice, not his. She chose to go to the one place where she's apt to end up raped, sliced to ribbons and having her corpse crumpled into a small, foul trunk where she'd probably rest for a longer period of time than imaginable. Not to mention, the weather and living conditions there are horrible and you can't even drink the ******* water! So... Pack lots of bottled water, pepper spray and lubed condomns. ...the condomns are for when you're forced to smuggle drugs in ur anus, not for making sex with broke local hopefuls.... Which, they'll kill you for that shit too.

Should've gone to djibouti, obviously the best place.

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Anybody over the age of 12 knows that Disney is a place for depressed parents to take their kids and stand in line all day.

I would love to travel the world. How do you know if you like a place or not if you have never been there? I have been to Bermuda where they speak English and brazil. Brazil was gorgeous and my boyfriend is from there so I had somebody who spoke Portuguese. I would love to go to so many other places in the world.

That was supposed to go under #2's comment. Sorry guys.

OP sounds ashamed of mom's choice. I, however, am damn proud that she chose to see America. I think everyone, not just Americans, should explore what their own country has to offer before seeing the rest of the world. Gives us perspective.

I agree. Although I would love to travel the world, I think it would be a lot of fun and a great experience to rent an RV and travel through the states.

I guess going to Texas and driving to Florida sounded more fun to her lol

True but when you have an opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world why wouldn't you go somewhere exotic?

Maybe it's an American thing, but I'm Scottish and if I was given that opportunity it'd be hard to pick just one! Scotland's beautiful and everything but I'd probably jump at the chance if I was in OP's mums situation... Just as long as you wouldn't be alone, that's not as fun!

I'm American and I'd love to travel the world

Two of my favorite places I've been is Peru, and Holland.

If you are concerned about safety just travel to europe and do a round trip there. Most of us europeans speak english.

Us Swedes always travel outside state borders. It's the best way to travel.

#33 is that you in your pic?

17, Not really. There are only 2 or 3 countries (which aren't that "exotic") in the world I"d like to visit, the rest aren't particularly interesting for me - there's simply nothing I'd like to see in person. I think it makes sense to stay away from overly "exotic" locations - getting bitten by deadly local bug you didn't know about isn't really fun. Also, it is harder to enjoy location if you don't know local language.

33, europe is a very small part of the world. If somebody wants to go "anywhere", there are south america, africa, asia, russia, etc.

42 - I think every part of the world has something to offer. It's not because Europe is 'small' that it isn't interesting to anyone.

43, Everybody has different tastes. Europe gets plenty of media coverage, and you can dig a lot of info about its famous spots online, plus culture doesn't seem that different. Which means there's little reason to be there in person. I'd rather visit some ghost town, asian festival - something I'd like to see myself.

I understand your point of view but you just can't generalize it to a population of a whole country.

@42 So, Russia isn't a part of neither "Europe" / "Asia"?!! Dear God!! This Encyclopedia must be defective... *throws it out a window*

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I watched Hostel when I was in middle school, so now I think I'd be terrified to travel to certain parts of Europe. Weren't Americans worth more in that movie?

@36, yeah it is. Why?

How do you know you won't like a place. It sounds like you're talking yourself out of having a good time, tbh. Fair enough if you're genuinely not interested in traveling, but worrying about things like people speaking different languages and dangerous bugs are silly reasons to not want to travel.

You guys are all pretty ridiculous. I've been to every country in South America from Peru to Uruguay their was always people who speak English, I'm pretty sure I'm not dead from a bug, and traveling out of the country is a highlight of my life. So I promise you if you go outside of the country you'll enjoy it and I'm 90% sure you'll come back alive, well 80% ;)

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Honestly, with 38 country stamps in my passport, I can say there are some countries one should really skip. You can find plenty of filth and squalor in the USA without needing a passport. That said, visit Japan, it's beautiful, full of things that make the rest of the world go "wtf" and it has a larger percentage of English speaking people than southern California.

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63, Russia is divded into european/asian parts by Ural mountains, so it isn't completely European/Asian country. Still, you worry about small details too much.

76, I"m not *worrying* about "different language". However, if I don't speak their language, there's less reason to go there - you'll miss most of country's culture. It is simply less interesting.

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This thread really solidifies the whole "dumb Americans/USA is the only country in the world" mindset. I'm American and even I know that English is now considered a "universal language" and in fact, you'd to be hard pressed to find somebody who didn't know bits of English in any corner of the world! My god, people, don't justify your lack of adventure by finding faults with other regions of the world. And are we really having the whole "But.. But.. They can't speak English!" Conversation when we have technology whose sole purpose is to eliminate those barriers. Crime is everywhere, you're just as likely to get robbed during spring break in Florida as you're during a spring break in Cancun. It all comes down to being careful and mindful of your surroundings. I hate that threads like these makes us Americans look dumb but we are not all the same! Most of us do, in fact, have a sense of adventure!

I didn't mean in a bad way about it being possibly predominantly an American thing. What I meant was, that most Americans don't own a passport... So really, taking an RV and going on a road trip is a good idea. I'm sure the states are amazing, but as someone else mentioned, go travel & live your life and you're more than likely I'm sure, to come home safe. It's not just Europeans that speak English, you'll find that English is widely taught in the majority of schools world wide. Also, it wouldn't harm for you to learn their language for a change. :)

I'm currently saving up for Japan since I love their culture. I'm learning some of the language but I won't let it hinder me. I don't get y so many of u r worrying about the language. I mean, really, how many people learn our language? A hell of a lot. Just learn the basics people!

Reading all these comments confirms how ignorant the majority of Americans are. So sad. Edit: just saw the comment before. Agreed!

106- Learning the basics of say, French and Spanish may be easier (I speak from experience- I learnt enough French in two years to read and understand Harry Potter in French) but languages like Mandarin and Japanese are a whole different story. I've been learning Japanese for more than ten years now, and I still am nowhere near the level of a native-speaker writing wise. Speaking wise, I'm pretty good, but it still took me years to get to that point. I've heard people try to talk in Japanese using basic phrases found in their travel guide or whatever, and I couldn't understand a thing what they're saying; and neither could the person they were talking to. Learning the basics is harder than it sounds.

Why would you call me ignorant, #107? You don't even know me. Are you folks in Canada that much better than us?

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It's not an American thing. It's a stupid thing. I'm from America and will gladly leave this ******* country at any opportunity that arises. Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, Italy, the list goes on and on about places that are better than here. FYL OP.

131, believe me when I say that every place is only as good as you make it. I moved to the US from Germany, partly because I was miserable over there and thought it'd be better here... But it's not. Well, by now it is, because I MADE it that way, but I've had times here that were WAY more miserable than anything I've had to endure in Germany. Surround yourself with good people and do things you actually WANT to do and you'll be happy no matter which country you're in.

If everywhere else is that much better, 131, why are you still here? If you want to be somewhere else, do something about it. It might be scary, but it's not that difficult.

101, You actually just said "USA is the only country in the world" yourself. If somebody speaks English or writes in English, it doesn't mean they live in USA (which is what you've assumed). My country is not english-speaking.

131, leaving the country and going on vacation are two different things.

Maybe she's afraid of foreigners. We don't bite!

#3: Speak for yourself!

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I know for a fact that at least one Transylvanian does

jujuhale96 5

She's actually from Germany so it's not that haha

hey, atleast it's a vacation.. right? not Rio or Rome but it beats sitting at home

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Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Tampa, and Miami can be fun.

Some people just want to travel in their own country. I'd like seeing all the states myself!

By ur self? Not that you said so, Just wondering. I wouldn't mind, though I'd rather have company.

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It would be nice to visit all the states but some states look boring

The US of A has it's cool places, but ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?! I'm gettin the **** outta dodge and going to the Caribbean or Maldives.

54: not by myself id def take some friends! But if was gonna travel the world I'd hit Ireland, Europe, and Germany. Actually, Canada too just because, why not?

Ireland, Europe and German. Like saying Florida, the US and California.

Then I guess she's headed towards Miami YEEEEAAAAHHH

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South African will be the place to go:)

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#10, Cape Town, for sure! You want to be real careful about Jo'burg or Durban, though.

From what I understand, Texans believe they ARE the world, so maybe she felt she had no other choice.

perdix 29

The Texans would say she got the first part right, but why the hell would she want to leave Texas once she got there?

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"believe they are the world?" I've lived in Texas pretty much all my life and I have yet to witness this. Also, if OPs mom is flying to Texas, then she isn't Texan.

perdix 29

#47, you're probably so steeped in Texan culture, you don't realize how much it is part of you. Most people identify with their city or region, but Texans have a unique statewide identity. You see Texas flags in places you would never see other state flags displayed.

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I do agree that we Texans have much of state pride, but I would hardly say that we think we are the world! We know there's so much more to see out there. In fact I don't know too many people that really want to stay living here for their whole life. All of my friends want out. I live in Houston and it's too damn hot!

Texas is awesome

thebestofboth 20

No the Texans would not say that.

oj101 33

Your mom could have chosen to go to some exotic island like Bora Bora, view spectacular countries like Australia and the UK, or take you on a cultural visit to China or Japan - but stays home? FYL indeed.

It says she flew to Texas, so she's probably not from there.

Dude #13, she chose to go on holiday, even though she stayed in the same country she 'left' home to go to Texas. Thus they didn't 'stay home'