By ruined_suit - 17/04/2009 21:12 - United States

Today, I came home from work to find that my neighbor's trash bins were still on the curb. While returning the bins to her backyard, her kid ran out and shot me with a paintball gun. Multiple times. He thought I was a burglar and ruined my new suit. FML
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damn man. that does suck. my suggestion... get a paintball gun and have some fun of your own :p jk. dont do that.

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While I don't really know the whole story, but I do know that my neighbors are really nice and just the type of people that would put our trashcans or whatever back in our driveway if they blew away or we left them out, and we'd do the same for them, so... fyl.


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Why would you even randomly do that? Creeeeepy! ydi first (i had to)

or maybe he was just bieng a nice neighbor

in the FML, you switched from 'she' to 'he' and used incorrect grammar. OP, FYL

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she/"her" as in the neighbor, "he" was the neighbor's son, who shot him. not that hard to understand if you know basic english!

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don't worry op, tie dye suits are always nice

OP, ydi for messing with other people's stuff. The chances of her being elderly are slim since her kid was there attacking with a paintball gun. Sure he could be a 45 year old loser, but its more likely shes not. And a good neighbor would but the hell out, not touch my stuff, not enter my yard or garage! Who does that?!?

The she was referring to the mother of the children, while the he was referring to the children. It was perfect grammar

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Second. So close! What an asshole of a kid. FYL.

damn man. that does suck. my suggestion... get a paintball gun and have some fun of your own :p jk. dont do that.

YDI, I'd shoot you too if you touched my shit.

YDI, let your neighbor handle his own shit. He thought you were a a suit...stealing trash...Awesome. Probably coulda bribed him with a shiny Pokeman card.

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YDI. I'd be PISSED if you were touching my personal belongings.

"Personal belongings"?.......... It was empty trash bins. Though, I would EXTREMELY dislike if my neighbor went into my BACKYARD for any reason............ >:C

Gee, her kid must be quite a "backdoor tough guy", lol

And he can get in a LOT of shit for shooting someone (without padding, protective face gear, and not in a controlled environment) with that paintball gun. Oops? :/

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take the kid and put him inside the bins