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Today, I saw my neighbor's delinquent kid shooting squirrels with a BB gun. Shocked and furious at his cruel behavior, I told him to stop, with the threat of telling his parents. He responded by shooting me in the nuts and running away in a fit of laughter. FML
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Then go to his parents. and if they don't do something about it shoot them in the nuts and run away laughing


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A kid wouldn't understand that logic. He'd just think it was awesome to kill things.

Completely true, murderers usually (not always) start off torturing and killing animals when they are young.

Anyhow, I don't believe in killing any animal that you don't intend to eat, and I somehow doubt that the kid was looking for the perfect touch to his special casserole recipe.

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Squirrel tastes excellent barbecued .

Squirrel tastes good as food, and is a pest that will annoy you and eat your crops and give you rabies. I hunt squirrel all the time, but if he was just killing to kill, that sucks

BBs wouldn't kill a squirrel. We use a BB gun to scare away the raccoons around our house at night; it doesn't kill them, but they do run away. I don't think shooting squirrels with a BB gun is a sign this kid is going to be a murder because it's such a common thing to do. His parents may have taught him to do that. Although shooting a person in the balls...thats not very nice or mature. But threatening someone with a BB gun wasn't very smart either.

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Yeah I am pretty sure it takes a high-powered pellet gun to kill the pest, the rodent that is a squirrel. And don't bother telling city people that squirrels eat crops. They think food comes from the grocery.

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Oh wise crabbygirl, if you know where the food from the grocery comes from, then please enlighten us! Where oh where did your brain come from!?

Murder in the making and torturing animals? I'm sure most of y'all have never lived out in the country before (although location is unknown). But if so squirrels are pests like hogs. Shooting them does not make him a psychotic just a little trouble maker for shooting the guy in the balls, which if they're not in suburbia or the city the guy should've minded his own damn business in the first place and stfu

79, their location doesn't justify the kid's actions. Shooting a squirrel with a BB gun is animal cruelty, op did the right thing to confront him. All life should be protected even if its a squirrel's.

Location could easily explain his actions. If he lives out in the country he could be shooting them to protect their plants,crops, or just to eat or whatever. BB guns can kill squirrels, turtles, birds and depending on his age that's maybe why parents gave him that instead of a 22 or any actual rifle. But even tho I hunt I do agree w/ you on the point that you shouldn't kill anything without a purpose. But you just can't say that the location can't justify why he's shooting squirrels... like i said squirrels are pests like hogs and do damage to your property.

Even if the kid lives on a farm it doesn't make it right for him to kill animals. If his parents are growing crops, they should be the ones handling these situations, not letting their child be the one killing the animals in cold blood. psychological studies show that kids who are cruel to animals end up as killers in later years. If the parents are encouraging this behaviour from their child than they might be raising a serial killer. Also, a kid should not own a BB gun. In most states you need to be at least 18 years old to have one. and even at 18, they shouldn't be using it to kill.

From what I know about life in the countryside, you rarely live close enough to your neighbor to just happen to see your neighbors kid shooting a squirrel. I can hypothesize that OP lives in the city, where squirrels are also quite abundant but where there is no need to protect crops since food magically appears in the grocery stores without any outside help. If on the other hand, OP does live in the countryside, I could understand why that kid would be allowed by his parents to shoot squirrels though shooting someone in the genitals makes him one hell of a delinquent. Simply for that I would take his gun away.

She's absolutley right, I use to kill birds and chipmunks as a child and now I can't stop killing people.. I don't know what to do.. The trauma of my childhood propelled into a life of mass killing.. if only I wasn't a curious child!

There's a difference between being curious and doing it regularly just for fun. In the scenario that his parents are encouraging him to do so often, the chances of becoming immune to the guilt and not caring anymore are higher which would result in doing things that are much worse in the future.

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53, BB's will absolutely kill a squirrel. You don't even need more than one. A single, well placed shot will do.

Awkward life you clearly have never spent too much time in the country but there's a difference between killing a squirrel with a BB gun or sling shot and going all Michael from Halloween on animals...there's a difference

Studies have also shown that overly crazy animal rights activists are known to fly off the rocker over a little issue like this are known to become psychopathic killers... If you actually did real research you would see kids with hunting backgrounds and families commit less crimes and killings than kids raised in the city with know hunting background. Do your research how many killings are there put in the country than in the cities???

op i hope u know that delinquent is typically towards a minor aka kid so its as if you are saying bad behaving kid kid. saying kid twice.

Not murders, socio paths who become serial killers

You obviously have no brother, ill give ya a pointer. Every guy on this planet has killed some sort of rodent, squirrel or snake. It's what boys do

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You have zero right to correct someones grammar when yours sucks so horrifically.

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I would go talk to his parents. If that doesn't help then call the cops on the lil troll

"Every guy on this planet has killed some sort of rodent, squirrel or snake. It's what boys do" o_O I know plenty of guys who have never killed an animal in their life. Hell, my old housemate loves animals so much he even refuses to kill the spiders in our house and would instead set them free outside. It's kinda scary that you think killing animals is just "what boys do".

Put up charges of assault with a weapon

Don't bother with the parents. Assault with a deadly weapon, animal cruelty, firing a gun within 500 feet of a residence...

have you ever heard of hunting? it starts with rodents then turns into deer and elk I did the same shit hell I hunted lizards and snakes with a blow dart gun and kept birds and rodents off my property with a pellet gun just because you don't know what pest control is doesn't mean the kids a psychopath you ****

How is OP mean for telling a kid to shooting squirrels?

@5 Do you mean "How is OP mean or telling a kid to *NOT* shoot squirrels?"

And you're (correct spelling and usage) illiterate.

I know a lot of kids who shoot squirrels, their parents or siblings use the tails for fly tying and I even know a person who eats them.

Why are you saying that! Hurting helpless animals is cruel!

That's a lovely strange backwards world you live in #162 but wasn't really the topic.

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it wasn't really off topic. people eat squirrels. including myself. quite yummy actually

Hahahahaha! And shooting squirrels is nice? Methinks your judgement is inaccurate.

yeah op deserved it. Let the kid have fun.

Then go to his parents. and if they don't do something about it shoot them in the nuts and run away laughing

That sounds fun but then they could sue YOU for assault and that the child shot you first is not going to help you, especially if you are an adult :/ But do report it!

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33 - Why is this getting voted down? It's the correct thing to do. 110 - Snitches? This isn't a schoolyard. The kid shot an adult. Reporting a crime is supporting the community by letting the police do their job. Grow up, y'all.

How about you learn the meaning of the word "joke"?

I say kill the kid now before he hurts someone of importance

154, nobody is more important than anyone else.. Everybody is the same, only difference is the job that makes them 'important'

Its not abuse if the animal does instantly. BB's will absolutely kill a squirrel. And, its just a ******* squirrel. Seriously, its not like that animal is going to discover the cure for cancer or some shit.

It's not abuse, it's pest control. I also shoot at them. Squirrels are a nuisance especially if you have a garden.

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You guys are all ****** up. It's an animal. It just climbs trees, tries to survive and defend itself. It's ok to kill squirrels but it's horrible to even barely hit a person? When an animal attacks a human because it feels threatened, you guys would freak out, but if a human abuses an animal for no reason then it's ok? That makes complete sense. And this "squirrels are nuisance" thing is completely stupid. We are the ones who are the nuisance. We destroy their habitats and then flip out when they enter our garden to try to find something to eat.

#147 Agreed. I lived in a place filled with squirrels once. Sure, they messed with the garden and ripped some outdoor furniture for their nests, but my family never once thought of killing them because of that!

They are not fit to survive. We colonize and are more advanced therefore we root them out. Humans are at the top of the food chain so we can do this to them, just like a leopard seal does to penguins.

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Getting some Brittany vibes here ;) If you live in a suburb or something, then shooting them would be in sport, and cruel in my opinion. I live in a rural area, and owned a garden the past few years. Squirrels demolish gardens, mow down landscaping, rip apart outdoor furniture, and are loud and aggressive. They are literally no different from a city rat, except they climb trees and hoard away crap like a raccoon.

You're not going to cure cancer. Can I shoot you?

Put a human being in a room full of hungry lions. Whose at the top of the food chain now? Definitely not the human.

#147, have you ever seen how vicious a red squirrel can be? I have seen them attack and kill birds, destroy bird eggs and chicks, attack cats, I even saw one go after an infant. And no, not rabid ones. I shoot red squirrels because of that. I leave grays alone though.

you are really really stupid to think that he is an animal abuser all he is doing is taking care of pests i personally hunt squirrel, dove, deer, and just about everything else its not animal abuse its a sport that some people like to do but i can tell your a thick headed bitch who doesnt know what they are talking about.

This kid is obviously at a troubled place, and needs to be helped properly. Or he's just an ass.

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Or he's a country boy having fun. I would have shot OP in the nuts too.

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My dad was raised country and with respect for guns. If I'd have even pointed a BB gun in anyone's direction, let alone shot someone, well let's just say massive punishment would have ensued. That child is shooting squirrels (and people) for fun, which is a definite sign that he is either troubled, or a future psychopath.

In the kids defense, shooting squirrels isn't a bad thing. I mean, it's not so good when you're not going to eat it or something alike. But pointing the BB gun at a person, regardless, should call for some kind of punishment.

Shit, take the gun away and shoot him in the nuts.

Sounds like he needs his ass sent to juvenile hall pronto! Sorry about your balls. ):

I mean he's a criminal in the making and you wouldn't approach a criminal with a loaded gun. This is more bad parenting and you not thinking.

He has committed assault. Go to the police if the parents don't care. What happens if his next victim is another child? Bad enough that he's harming helpless animals, but what if he permanently maims another kid?

Even better is this is both with a firearm and in the genitals. It's great because now, if you can make a case for aggravated sexual assault (if he deprived you of being able to use one of these body parts) he's committed a crime that the law will prosecute him as an adult for assuming he is older than 12. Let me end this by saying that comment was based on what I have learned most states adhere to, so if you have a different impression of the legality surrounding this you could be correct, as I was making a generalization.