By crazytown - United States - Denver
Today, my psycho ex boyfriend, who I broke up with over a month ago showed up at my work yelling and crying because I didn't get him anything for his birthday. My boss now thinks I'm an asshole. FML
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  extrasnipes  |  22

Well, for almost everyone i'm pretty sure you automatically judge when you hear something. Like if you hear that someone you know got punched by her old friend, you're going to think her old friend is rude even if you don't know them.

  TrinityNevada  |  11

It has nothing to do with "none of their business" if Dude is showing up acting like that, the boss needs to know that Dude has no reason to come in AT ALL. It's their responsibility to keep their customers and employees safe. And with police reports like that, OP is more likely to get a TPO

  Goblin182  |  26

Her personal life is not her boss's business, until it shows up at her boss's front door. Yeah, then its his business because it could affect his business.