By war_monkey - Canada - Whitby
Today, my co-worker started talking in third person. Not only that, but he narrates his daily tasks. "Jeff reached for a stapler", "Jeff stapled a report". I have to sit beside this chimp for 8 hours a day, and nothing I say can end this. FML
war_monkey tells us more :
It started on april fools with some very lame joke and he has decided to carry on with it and screw around. Thanks for all of the funny comments and yes, I wanted to punch jeff in the face. He has stopped and I showed him the published FML, XD.
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  ohcheriecherie  |  20

Narrate him rudely. "Jeff, the ignorant sonofafuck, reaches for the stapler." "That rude motherfucker who narrates himself takes a phone call." it could help.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

Jeff happens to be an amateur kickboxer and decided to beat the living crap out someone who assaults him because he was talking at work. Jeff then calls the police and has you arrested for assault and battery. Jeff watches you get escorted out of the bulding with all your belongings in a box. Jeff has a job while you have to explain your history of workplace violence on your next few interveiws.

By  ZeroPath5  |  16

Reminds me of the family guy episode when Peter narrates his life. Course, he got punched in the face too. Maybe the episode is trying to tell you something.