By georgiaswish - 20/11/2013 20:05 - United Kingdom

Today, my obsessive ex, who recently cut my phone line to stop me from talking to my boyfriend of three years, got a job at the same restaurant where both my boyfriend and I work. FML
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A 'bit of paper' that will send his ass to jail if he violates it. good luck with prosecution OP; I hope all goes well and they hit him with that book hard!

Phone line? Don't you have a cell phone or Skype? Oh and get a restraining order


Phone line? Don't you have a cell phone or Skype? Oh and get a restraining order

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I think the OP meant the broadband/internet cable.

Regardless of what other means of communication she had, he sill cut her phone line! Get a restraining order. The company will have to fire him and guaranteed he'll have a hard time finding another job, let alone somewhere that you work.

ViRepz 28

Unless he is a better worker than OP, then she might get fired. Hope you got a plan OP, stalkers can get intense, just don't bump him on the way to talking to your bf.

#31 restraining orders go on your record. Tends to make someone an undesirable employee.

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#31 and #37, You two are just getting in all kinds of FML arguments tonight aren't you ;)

#82; it appears so. Just can't be helped sometimes :p

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Also notify the manager that he is causing a hostile work environment. The manager is required to take appropriate actions and since it affects more than just her, the ex is most likely the one to be terminated or transfered.

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Do something to get them fired.

What did her bf do to deserve getting fired?

@34 Idk if you're making fun of #2 saying "them" instead of "him" or just didn't realize #2 meant her ex boyfriend and @2 trying to get him fired may result in op getting fired

Get a restraining order against him. You are in a very dangerous situation, OP.

actually in some states his behavior is a misdemeanor

That's what they all say. Then she wakes up and finds her ex in her bed wearing the boyfriend's face...

Restraining orders are very helpful in cases like this, but I think we all forget something pretty important. They are still just pieces of paper, if he really wanted to do something terrible he could. it may sound pessimistic but it is the truth.

#85 I think it is at least a good start, like you said, so if anything escalated they will have on record a history of stalking. If he breaks it he could go to jail.

Register a complaint or get a restraining order

Sounds like a job for Jerry Springer.. Or an episode of True Life.

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True Life: I'm Stalking my ex...

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Perhaps she doesn't have proof it was him but assumed it was him? Police need solid proof of vandalism. It sounds like he did do it but I doubt the police will arrest him unless she caught it on camera or something. Open definitely needs to get a restraining order though. FYL OP.

They may not arrest him but every time they complain to the police it's documented in official records. The psycho ex will most likely slide on a couple of offenses but it will show a pattern of harrassment.

That is not a good situation. Take legal action.

It's been three years and he's still attacking you? It's about time you do something about that!

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Pretty sure he can be arrested from just cutting your phone line.

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Plot twist: he was the one paying for her phone, and suddenly stopped paying

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13- If they haven't dated for 3 years or more, why would he still be paying for OP's bills?

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#70--I dunno, I've read weirder things than that on this site. That's why I said plot twist.. But I'm not M. Night Shyamalan.

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M. Night Shamalan only had one big movie, your arguement is invalid...

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I'm not sure how you all got 'disconnected her cell phone' from 'cut her phone lines'. He physically cut the phone line going to her house.

Wait a couple days to see if they continue, if so, serve them a restraining order.

If he's obsessive, waiting isn't the best idea. Action needs to be taken immediately.

Okay, these puns clearly went over the head of all of you.

#77 I thought it was funny!! I also think she should tell her boyfriend, but that's just a tip. ;)