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Today, my psychotic, very jealous ex-boyfriend appeared out of nowhere and punched a male store clerk who was helping me look for azaleas in a garden center. FML
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It's time to apply for a restraining order

You found the azaleas, he found an assault charge.


It's time to apply for a restraining order

In the end, it really is just a piece of paper

It's a start at least

a restraining order only works if the person is afraid of going to jail.

And once they breach the restraining order there are consequences

Yeah, a restraining order only works if the person is afraid of going to jail, but now he can go to jail just for calling her or showing up at her house. He can go to jail before he hits someone else.

A restraining order is the best way to go. Even if he isn't afraid of jail he can't hassle you if he is in there. It jump starts the legal process.

#1 the clerk could also press charges against him. That would keep him away from her.

No need he's probably going to jail for punching the guy

He might get out on bail. A restraining order means bail is canceled if he breaks it.

incoherentrmblr 21

I take it he was looking for Violets. Sorry, I mean violence...

cadillacgal79 32

Screw the restraining order. OP needs to carry around a glock, and if he comes anywhere near her, fire of a warning shot.

warning shot nothing. she just needs to shoot him.

#57: I was gonna ask how you came to have such a callous disregard for human life, but then I checked your profile and saw that you're 13 and therefore have no perspective on anything. OP's psycho ex is psycho and needs to be dealt with, but trying to kill somebody is never an appropriate response. Your attitude is naive, dangerous, and completely absurd. Best of luck with puberty!

#57: Sincerest apologies. I ran your post together with #59 and presumed you meant more violence than you did, when you specified a warning shot. My bad for reading badly. Still don't think guns are a good suggestion though.

Warning shots are a bad idea. They're illegal, not to mention dangerous. You could hurt or kill an innocent bystander with a falling bullet or ricochet. Never fire your weapon unless you mean to hit a specific target. You're actually much more likely to go to jail for firing a warning shot than for shooting and killing someone. In Florida it's illegal just to brandish your weapon. Guns are extremely dangerous, and should not be treated casually. Their purpose is to kill, not to intimidate. That being said, considering how violent OP's ex is, I think it would actually be a good idea for OP to carry a gun, with the proper licensing and training, of course. It could save her life. And if her ex is the type of guy who attacks strangers because he's suffering from the delusion of having property rights to another human being, then I'm less concerned about persevering his life, and more concerned about the safety of those around him.

cadillacgal79 32

62: I don't really appreciate that last makes me feel like as though I'm being treated as a child, when in reality I'm smart and mature unlike the other girls in my grade who have their boobs and asses hanging out :/

cadillacgal79 32

I also don't have a disregard for human life, I myself have dealt with a couple of stalkers myself over social media (not exactly the same as OPs situation) I feel very violated if someone like OPs boyfriend was clinging onto me, if not a shot, then pepper spray.

Apply for a restraining order

I'm sorry, I don't know how this happened/how to delete it

You found the azaleas, he found an assault charge.

All in the same aisle!

Who dat who dat

You need to carry pepper spray. Along with a restraining order, but that's only a piece of paper.

Yes... a piece of paper that will put him in jail if he goes close to the OP. Even if he's willing to breach the order, he won't be able to go close to her once he's locked up.

If he can't buy you flowers, no one can.

Lct1196 31

Well at least you had the sense to dump him

That's sad that he followed you to a flower shop OP, you should get a restraining order if he does it again...

Yes, wait for him to *keep* stalking her and thump any random male she interacts with. Makes sense.

christina3466 17

Now that's commitment

No that's fucking crazy

Obsessive much?

File a restraining order.