By Anonymous - 10/02/2011 18:38 - Ireland

Today, my professor's son died in a car accident and class has been cancelled until further notice. All my friends were delighted and cheered about it in front of me. I was dating my professor's son. FML
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That is awful! Even if you hadn't dated him.

Oh, ****. Sorry about your and your professor's loss. :/ Your friends are also cuntrags. WOOOOOO! SOMEONE DIED IN A WRECK. WOOOOO! NO CLASS!!


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They probably started going out before she was in his dad's class.

Seriously? That is your first reaction? That's retarded.

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why u getting worked up, over wat I said half the fmls on here are fake

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Seriously? Being an asshole AND using completely incorrect grammar? Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet.

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Yes the internet, a place where spelling and grammar that doesn't matter

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You're a dumb bitch. It's a "professor" which generally means older. Hence she's allowed to date whoever the **** she wants. She still lost her boyfriend. You need to lose a boyfriend and then, have someone ask you why you were dating them.

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Are you serious? I'm going out with my teacher's son he is really amazing. I don't see a problem in dating him. My teacher or her son doesn't either

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You are literally to stupid to insult-.-

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Why are you being such a asshole?

Oh, ****. Sorry about your and your professor's loss. :/ Your friends are also cuntrags. WOOOOOO! SOMEONE DIED IN A WRECK. WOOOOO! NO CLASS!!

he was playing along with the sarcasm. you didn't catch that? that must have been a rare, but serious case of double-epic fail syndrome, often seen in cases of mothers dropping her kids on there heads over 25 times a day. you should both get that checked out...

You fail at accusing fails... What failures.

AZmarine, your picture made me laff so hard, I still can't stop

Your friends are ******* idiots. Who cheers when someone announces their son died?! I'm sorry for you and your professor OP. I hope you have some REAL friends who can support you.

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They were most likely cheering for the fact that class was cancelled... I don't think people are THAT cruel that they laugh at other peoples death.

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well, I think that most of us are happy that Adolf Hitler and Sadam Hussein are dead. I'm happy at least...

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I don't think it matters what they were cheering about. the fact is apparently none of her friends knew they were dating. they also neglected (assuming by the way the FML is worded) to console OP for her loss- hence the cheering. it's an FML because her boyfriend died and her friends ignored the fact that she is mourning and proceeded to be happy that class was canceled. OP- I'm sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. :(

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I'm so sorry OP those people are jerks! especially after knowing someone died

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wow. I'm sorry that your classmates are such heartless idiots and I'm sorry for your loss.

Wow, your classmates are total douchebags. How can somebody think that cheering about somebody's death is a good idea? I'm so sorry for your loss, and your professors.

You see sometimes it's ok to cheer when people die, this guy is a prime example.

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You sound just as insensitive OP's friends. Jerk

wow, assholes like you should just have "comment moderated" replacing your comment as soon as it's posted. cause I sure as hell don't want to know what you're thinking.

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not to date the son. besides you can't get mad for the joke. you all thought it too.

imac it was too soon just sayin... sorry for your loss op :(

thats ****** up atleast they could bag ppl like u is y lesbians r the way they r...thats not funny what is that was someone you cared for!......dicjfaced prick

I'm sorry... what the hell are you trying to say? lesbians? wtf? and u is? really?

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I know it's wrong but man was that funny.

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Guys, you honestly can't expect perdix to be anything but an asshole or pervert... especially considering this is a *humor* site.

He goes overboard sometimes. As in, "way too often lately".

punk. why u gotta take it there. your just mad no one would ever blow your tiny d&&k

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srry perdix, i like u and all but u dont joke bout somethin like this, i hav now lost my respect for u >:P

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I laughed out loud when I saw perdix's comment:D

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because you have no heart or soul bambie.

perdix, you're usually pretty funny, but that just crosses the line. Seriously, dude? That wasn't cool.

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perdix.. that was not very funny this time! why yu being so insensitive -.-

Perdix, normally I have to say that your comments are hilarious. I expect the crude humor, and on some even look forward to seeing what you come up with, right after I read the FML. This time, however, I have to agree with 157, and this one really crosses the line. =(

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Guys, can we stop hating on perdix, please? He was just joking, and even though he was out of line, he didn't mean it, obviously. Just calm down, please.

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you got one supporter. me. would of had too but i guess some ones son is going to be missing a lot of school. like the rest of it. and life.

agree w/ 68 I'm all for witty comments but times like these are just better to keep it to your self..

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that's outta line, perdix. I know it's your job to be witty, but not on this one.

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Ok wtf how about u go blow ur head off would u like that

A comment like that is uncalled for if you can't say something nice then you shouldn't say anything at all sorry for your loss Hun

Perdix, I actually found your comments funny 95% of the time. But now you are nothing but a jack off **** faced **** tard with no balls. :) Suck a dick you asshole bitch.