By Anonymous - 10/02/2010 12:23 - United States

Today, my dad got a hard-on looking at my best friend. He asked me how my NutriSystem diet was going. He was looking at my friend's boobs when he asked me. FML
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how do you know he got a hard on? are you checking out your dad's junk?

whitesoxsean 0

ur dads a pedo


KurouTenshi 0

your dad needs to get laid more LOL

YDI for having friends with nice tits. Stop bitching on FML and go run that fat ass off.

perdix 29

Kurou, Looks like Dad is working on that problem right before his daughter's eyes. I wonder if she'll be able to call her best friend "Mommy."

Ajjas013 6

If by "mommy" you mean "that cunty bitch I thought was my best friend before she got laid with my dad and took the place of my real mommy" then sure she will!

KurouTenshi 0

hahaha #64 (Perdix) "its so sad your mom couldnt make it to your graduation..." "This is my mom...also in my graduating class..." Roflcopter :D

i don't believe she has big tatas

perdix 29

ISLIM_SHADYI: Yeah, the poor bastard has to look at some gorgeous ordinary-sized tits. How's that fair?

^this guy = win

maybe you should just have uglier friends with either flat or saggy boobs

perdix 29

Or fatter friends and you wouldn't have to fuck around with diets!

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no pic no proof

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your dad is realy creepy

American beauty much?

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why is no one asking her why she was looking at her dad? :0 uh ew??

You're profile picture makes you're comment funny :P

whitesoxsean 0

ur dads a pedo

KurouTenshi 0

yeah that too xD ahahaha

YeahFMLxX 0

a pedo? my friends are hot. my dad better just not touch them :D !

hmm.. guess this post isn't so anonymous anymore. lol

ewwww be ashamed to call him your dad

Parabolar 1

You're an idiot.

how do you know he got a hard on? are you checking out your dad's junk?

AngryNinja 1

omfg. brilliant. and so true.. why were you checking out the old man's package?

Ajjas013 6

She probably felt something poking her leg :)

Phlegm? really? hahaha

AngryNinja 1

i'm wondering if op wanted her daddy to be looking at HER boobs whilst asking about the diet.. i mean, why mention that part at all unless an underlying wish is present.. hm.

lmao! 'my Dad gets erections from looking at my friends bodies.. but not mine  FML'

AngryNinja 1

exactlyy. op.. ew. at least go for your friends' daddies! incesttt!

oh myy. well theres two things you can do here: 1. dont bring your hot friends to your house or 2. get uglier friends. (:

mmastermetallica 0

WTF wrong with your guys dads. can't they control their ducks? oh ya no they can't that's why you exist.

iknowthatguy 0

3) gouge out her dads eyes

allen20 0

Of course ur dad isnt gonna get an erection by looking at her own daughters body! wtf is wrong with you :O

AngryNinja 1

psh. who says he wouldn't? that's why there are all those daddy-rapes-daughter stories.

michael32123 0

@#66... I can't contoll my duck either

hate this bitch

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99 you should meet bed

66 and 99, yeah when a hot girl walks by it starts quacking like crazy

what a creepy old man.

avierip 0

what a creepy daughter. :p who checks out her dads junk???

I agree with wiffleball.

I would be frightened to be around him anymore if he was my father.

FMLoverAgain 7

send him to me. he won't be walking when i'm done with him

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AngryNinja 1

awesome pic :P

cheekie1018 0

yah that's pretty bad lmao. FYL!

AbOvE_88 0

#12 ur bewb is about to pop :)

dorkside_fml 0

yeah she probably did it on purpose.

I feel like the OP's father when I look at cheekies avatar.

might I add, " yew a dirty gurl. "

katelove18 0

me too and Ima girl

^LMAO! Seriously, maybe OP's bff was wearing a shirt like cheeky's XD.

dorito_420 0

YDI for having a hot friend