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By  bloopaloop  |  27

Omg, that’s cultural appropriation. You should video telling him that and that he is a white supremist. Then post it on social media and give it to your lawyer. Tell him to do his research.

By  Hempseed  |  23

I've been here before. Got sick of my hair, decided to shave it all off, boyfriend hated it.
I told him to either learn to live with it or leave.

He learned to live with it.
Probably because he realised that he wasn't initially attracted to me for my hair alone.

I have since continued to shave my head.
Point is: If you love him, you'll respect his decision, even if it doesn't correspond with your own desires.

By  Skydome6666  |  6

first of all why does the skin color of your boyfriend matter and second of all dreads are mega high maintenance.

Guarantee once he realizes how high maintenance dreads are they'll be gone fast.