By arrogantlondon - 16/04/2009 04:11 - United States

Today, I went shopping with my friend. The store was having a special where if you spend over $75 you receive a free T-shirt. I paid for my items and my total was over $75. The salesman didn't hand me a shirt so I asked him for one. He looks at me and says "I'm sorry, we only have Mediums." FML
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shit i would of took it anyway, i mean A FREE SHIRT!!!

Maybe the guy thought you were a small or something :)


shit i would of took it anyway, i mean A FREE SHIRT!!!

I don't think not being a Medium is a FYL...

Maybe on the far far off chance he thought OP was too skinny? I'm probably being too hopeful because this is FML, but still

#2 i think the FML means people think hes so fat he couldn't fit into a medium, which isn't much of an FML but better than some I've read.

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It's a woman!! Read before you write everyone.

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106, no, it's a she, idiot, learn the difference between the signs, and they even color coated them for you, pink for women, blue for men.

On the app the gender symbols are grey. But people should still know the signs

I doubt they had the app back in '09-'11. smartphones were barely a thing other than the iPhone.

Maybe the guy thought you were a small or something :)

That's effed up. I would have been like fine... give me your shirt.. Biotch!

I think that the FML here is that the salesperson didn't even ask his size...he looked him up and down then assumed that the shirts that they did have wouldn't fit him.

well medium is very small anyway. I'm male, 176cm, 65kg and i don't fit in a medium shirt.

So you paid $75 just to get a free t-shirt, which you didn't even get? Good one!

I would have asked if you could come back with the reciept when you do have large's in stock to get your free shirt. And no FML here most mediums are very small like #7 said. Heck, I usually even go for the xl or xxl with some manufacturers as anything less is usually too short for me.

That's a bit unfair. I mean you should still get the T-shirt, regardless if -you'll- fit it or not, since that's what they advertised. For all the shopkeeper knows you could've been wanting to give it to your friend/younger brother or something =/.