By wetsheets - 07/01/2013 13:01 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, my partner was inspired by 50 Shades Of Grey to try making me orgasm with a full bladder, therefore intensifying the experience. He was right, it was mind blowing. It also made me piss the bed for the first time in twenty-odd years. FML
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perdix 29

Tell everyone you're a "squirter," because that's a lot sexier than "bed-wetter."


That would put me in a pissy mood (haha)

I simply feel bad for the cleaner with her shitty husband pissing all her money away and the problems of living by such a wet location.


razzberry 9
U_GotitDude 18

50- I guess OP might not totally enjoy the moment (or the moment shortly after), hence the FML, but there are definitely females who love such experience and consider it "worth it"

I think as long as you get off its a good thing.

Women would find a way to complain about orgasming lol

Never to young to wet the bed I guess.

Yeah. Commenting when you are half asleep isn't smart. I realized my mistake just as my edit time ran out.

Sinamoi 18

Says the guy who missed the whole conversation above about her being too *old, not young.

perdix 29

Tell everyone you're a "squirter," because that's a lot sexier than "bed-wetter."

6-Why would they be having sex on a store's floor?

Jordath_Fil 11

Obviously 58 you have never had sex in a store... During business hours... ;)

#58, it's a reference to an earlier FML about a drunk man relieving himself on a shop floor after being told that the shop didn't sell alcohol.

Based on 92s comment combined with his amazing self pic, I think we found that drunk!

Well that's total satisfaction for ya... Good luck cleaning though.

That's not bad, I piss on everything on purpose. That's how I mark my territory.... Girls get mad at me when I do this, I don't know why...

You must be a relative of my husband. He does the same thing.

Weird comment. Yet I had to thumb it up.

I'm i the only one wondering why her husband read 50 shades of grey?

Razi_tail 25

Guys can read love stories as well, don't be judgemental.

But its not a love story its book ****:p

#27 There's your answer. **** is **** to men! They don't care if its written down and put in a book or on a DVD. It's. All. ****.

Isn't that more of a reason a guy would feel inclined to reading it?

#31 Exactly my point, above your comment.

Technically she said partner, coulda been another chick

Chelsea_bella 20

Her partner is a guy. She said "He was right" in the next sentence.

Technically op is a guy. Look up in the corner of the fml. Blue guy sign

Veratas 9

Note to self. Buy a mattress cover and 50 Shades of Grey.

OP is a girl, and guys normally don't do written ****, we are usually visual while women are more mental. Pardon the pun.

60 - It's not blue, it's purple. And it's not guy sign, it's the female sign.

Actually guys are more visually stimulated while women are more into reading. Basicly, guy **** lots of pictures, girl **** has a story and plot. lol

dmblonde 13

61 you can actually just download it online for free ;P

#97 you should hear the Gilbert Godfrey does 50 Shades of Gray. Check it out, google it, I bet you will never look at the book or Godfrey the same, you may even pee without having an O.

VXHavoc 3

I'm a guy. I'll read it. A lot of chicks are into it. So learn a few lessons maybe?

nonnieluv 9

It's called erotica not book ****. Also can go by romance novels

nunu76 4

i cudnt evn finish readn the book..messd up sadistic piece of shit

with grammar that bad, i'm not surprised you couldn't finish it. stick to the very hungry caterpillar