By wetsheets - 07/01/2013 13:01 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, my partner was inspired by 50 Shades Of Grey to try making me orgasm with a full bladder, therefore intensifying the experience. He was right, it was mind blowing. It also made me piss the bed for the first time in twenty-odd years. FML
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urine a bit of a messy situation there

perdix 29

Tell everyone you're a "squirter," because that's a lot sexier than "bed-wetter."


That would put me in a pissy mood (haha)

I simply feel bad for the cleaner with her shitty husband pissing all her money away and the problems of living by such a wet location.


razzberry 9

At least you got off?

U_GotitDude 18

But was it worth it?

50- I guess OP might not totally enjoy the moment (or the moment shortly after), hence the FML, but there are definitely females who love such experience and consider it "worth it"

I think as long as you get off its a good thing.

Women would find a way to complain about orgasming lol

urine a bit of a messy situation there

I bet OP was a bit peeved after that incident.

There's a button for that #75 -_-

Never to young to wet the bed I guess.

StalkerChick 13


Yeah. Commenting when you are half asleep isn't smart. I realized my mistake just as my edit time ran out.

*Too young. Come on now, focus!

Sinamoi 18

Says the guy who missed the whole conversation above about her being too *old, not young.

perdix 29

Tell everyone you're a "squirter," because that's a lot sexier than "bed-wetter."

Can I have your autograph?

T9FTW 20

Why? You're the rockstar..

At least it wasn't on a store's floor.

I'd rather piss on the floor

6-Why would they be having sex on a store's floor?

Jordath_Fil 11

Obviously 58 you have never had sex in a store... During business hours... ;)

#58, it's a reference to an earlier FML about a drunk man relieving himself on a shop floor after being told that the shop didn't sell alcohol.

i have, it was fun.

Based on 92s comment combined with his amazing self pic, I think we found that drunk!

Well that's total satisfaction for ya... Good luck cleaning though.

zombieslayer83 19

All that matters is that it was intense.

That's not bad, I piss on everything on purpose. That's how I mark my territory.... Girls get mad at me when I do this, I don't know why...

You must be a relative of my husband. He does the same thing.

Weird comment. Yet I had to thumb it up.

Is your name R Kelly by chance?

I'm i the only one wondering why her husband read 50 shades of grey?

Razi_tail 25

Guys can read love stories as well, don't be judgemental.

But its not a love story its book porn:p

#27 There's your answer. Porn is porn to men! They don't care if its written down and put in a book or on a DVD. It's. All. Porn.

Isn't that more of a reason a guy would feel inclined to reading it?

#31 Exactly my point, above your comment.

Technically she said partner, coulda been another chick

Chelsea_bella 20

Her partner is a guy. She said "He was right" in the next sentence.

Technically op is a guy. Look up in the corner of the fml. Blue guy sign

Veratas 9

Note to self. Buy a mattress cover and 50 Shades of Grey.

60- my app shows that OP is female..

OP is a girl, and guys normally don't do written porn, we are usually visual while women are more mental. Pardon the pun.

60 - It's not blue, it's purple. And it's not guy sign, it's the female sign.

Actually guys are more visually stimulated while women are more into reading. Basicly, guy porn lots of pictures, girl porn has a story and plot. lol

dmblonde 13

61 you can actually just download it online for free ;P

#97 you should hear the Gilbert Godfrey does 50 Shades of Gray. Check it out, google it, I bet you will never look at the book or Godfrey the same, you may even pee without having an O.

VXHavoc 3

I'm a guy. I'll read it. A lot of chicks are into it. So learn a few lessons maybe?

nonnieluv 9

It's called erotica not book porn. Also can go by romance novels

nunu76 4

i cudnt evn finish readn the book..messd up sadistic piece of shit

with grammar that bad, i'm not surprised you couldn't finish it. stick to the very hungry caterpillar