By can't sleep - 18/03/2014 08:36 - United States - Crown Point

Today, my mother taught my 98-year-old great-uncle to knock on the wall if he needs us. He can't remember who we are, but every hour he can remember to knock to ask, "Is it breakfast yet?" FML
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This reminds me of an old person misusing life alert!

colton_colton 49

Just leave food next to him so he can always eat without questioning!


This reminds me of an old person misusing life alert!

Lebeaugars95 20

"I'm hungry and it's not breakfast yet"

"I'm breakfast and it's not hungry yet"

colton_colton 49

Just leave food next to him so he can always eat without questioning!

The problem with dementia is that the brain often doesn't get the message from the stomach that it is,indeed,full, so they never know when to stop. Dementia patients will also repeat phrases over and over, without really meaning them. Taking care of a dementia patient is exhausting; I hope you're helping your mom as much as you can, and not just bitching about how much it's interfering with your life.

nightowl713 25

OPs best option is to get a fan to help block the noise. I understand taking care of an elderly person with dementia can be tiresome and frustrating at times, but it is in no way their fault. I was part of a caregiving trio in my family for my great grandmother. The pain, grief, and anxiety were so much worse for her, than anything I went through caring for her. OP, try not to focus on the negative, and enjoy the time you do have with him. Think not only about what you are going through, but about the war that is raging inside his brain. We may all be in his position one day, and I hope that if I am, my loved ones have patience and understanding with me, and treat me how I deserve to be treated.

#33 I dont get why it's an FML for OP, more of an FML for ops grand uncle. Hopefully OP can try to do something else besides complain.

#42: I agree, and that's why my comment should be read in "mom voice" mode.

Beautifully put, 38. Dementia affects the whole family, but always remember that it's hardest on whoever has it. It's easy to get burnt out as a caregiver, we all succumb to frustrations now and again, but try to keep perspective. In the meantime, get a good pair of headphones and/or a white noise app.

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Knock back and repeat the same thing.

Bring him breakfast and go back to sleep.

Sounds like he has his priorities straight

this reminds me the old man of Breaking Bad

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*mouth spasm* and death stare

Wizardo 33

Breakfast for lunch and dinner? Count me in. Leave breakfast items near him, who doesn't love a random, cold bowl of cereal during the day?

Cereal should always be cold. I think you're talking about soggy cereal

Wizardo 33

Nah I know what I'm talking about, some people do warm their milk up you know. Its a preference thing but I do agree, soggy cereal is horrendous. P.S. Dried weetabix is harder than cement.

dried weet-bix are a pain to get off the bowl, especially when you miss a bit when your rinsing it out

Yeah, because a weak, tired, Alzheimer afflicted, 98 year old, retired since forever man who can succumb at any given day at his age is really fit to be working...

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Hey, don't knock it until you try it.