Drunken antics

By Anonymous - 28/07/2015 06:44 - United States

Today, after a 4 or 5 month-long dry spell, I woke up next to an amazing and beautiful woman. Neither of us were wearing pants. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Did I piss the bed?" FML
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Well, at least it's not dry anymore

Attacksloth 33

Well at least you know you can still make women wet for you.


Well, at least it's not dry anymore

Yeah, OP is living a dream...a wet dream.

That long of a dry spell must have pissed OP off.

delfino1604 24

hey that's awesome bro.

mds9986 24

Your picture is sideways; I'm not sure if you realized.

Wouldn't you feel it?

At least it wasn't OP that pissed the bed

Attacksloth 33

Well at least you know you can still make women wet for you.

Atleast she's straight forward :/

"No, did I?" - try a joke and see how she reacts. she may have been trying to break the tension with humour. If so great, if not get out quick!

Kinda late to go back and do as you suggested, don't ya think?!

You are correct sir, thank you for correcting me. Now run along - if you are going to correct everyone on this site who has made a similar mistake then you need to start right away!

Oh man, I said 'correct' there a lot didn't I? To be fair, I did just learn it today...

I'm not quite as confident all that many people on the site have struggled with linear time.

I think you will find that gazillions of people on this site have struggled with that concept. Or they will do, depending on what direction time flows in this universe. :)

Congrats on getting laid!

1dvs_bstd 41

She could have said worse.. seriously, what's the problem? What if she asked you 'how drunk was I?!'

The question is was the beauty worth it, and do you at least remember the sex or was it one of those drunken accidents?