By Anonymous - 31/12/2010 19:03 - United States

Today, I was at my boyfriend's house and badly needed to pee. Just as I was about to say I had to go to the bathroom, my boyfriend suddenly put his hands around my stomach and picked me up. He hit just the right spot, causing me to empty my bladder then and there. FML
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giantsfan2010 23

Shouldnt have waited that long.

iSitt 0

he found her P-spot


Next time, wear a diaper. YDI.

iSitt 0

he found her P-spot

lol! nice. that was cute, yet unfortunate.

Hahahaha! Nice one #7. I am amused.

auntiemomma 0

parking spot?

LaWlZ ThT BeeOtCH NeeDz 2 HoLD ThT sTUff!!

charlieohcharlie 12

#39 - what is wrong with you?

brightnite 0

#39 easy on the crack

fanaticdragon 10

haha,that's cute! :)

How on earth is that cute?

Perfection_7 0

#7 hahahah that's hilarious

Like if he hit her G-spot she would have an orgasm, but instead if he hit her P-spot, it l would make her pee… Not that hard to figure out…

giantsfan2010 23

Shouldnt have waited that long.

That'll teach him.

What a nasty situation. lol

I wet myself when you touch me right there, just right there.

^Fake and Gay

robotiick 12


What is this a reference to?

haha, that's actually really funny..

btnhdude 0

yes.. I can tell.. you find it hilarious... and that your enthusiastic... when you find something funny....

skyttlz 32

That's gross but funny at the same time 

zp5 4

You should've went earlier.

well............ control..Ur...blatter

Yes, you definitely have to control your Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, otherwise it'll eat a Vogon's grandmother, despite the beast's mind-boggling stupidity.