By uglynerd - 26/05/2013 00:45 - United States - Streamwood

Today, my parents told me they're glad I'm an "ugly nerd" because they don't have to worry about me getting into trouble or having a teen pregnancy. FML
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Now you understand why they were so keen to buy you that WOW membership, XBOX Live subscription and all those games. Turns out you can put a price on virginity!

Cook meth to spite them.


Ugly people have sex too. There's an old saying my papa once shared with me: "dirty water still quenches fire." Yep.

evilraider 5

Op what's your number you can say **** you dad after we do the same

chowE_fml 4

OP it's ok! Tell you parents not to speak too soon. Everyone knows that after high school the ugly nerd ALWAYS turns into the hot ****. Go from geek to chic & bedroom freak.

Now you understand why they were so keen to buy you that WOW membership, XBOX Live subscription and all those games. Turns out you can put a price on virginity!

HowAreYouToday 34

Virginity is overrated.

rizzybear 4

Yeah morals are overrated too...

I lost my virginity to someone I met on WoW, so can't say that plan is foolproof...

narkill 13

Am I the only one worried about 45's possible molestation?

squideth 18

I'm sorry, but how does valuing your own personal virginity give you morals? Morals have nothing to do with virginity. At all. If you're a virgin and value it, great. If you don't care about virginity and don't see it as a big deal, great. Neither of you are superior to the other, as long as you both are responsible. I'm personally surprised that you people seem so okay with judging others because they have different views on their own bodies. Pretty sad.

Lol! My parents viewed my addiction to video games as a means to keep me out of trouble as well. Win/win scenario. It didn't help prevent my loss of virginity but it certainly kept me away from drugs and alcohol. Lol.

#45 Now was that in game or...?

So WoW, Xbox and gaming is for ugly virgin-nerds?

I went on a date with this girl twice. I'll never forget what she said to me "dont worry, as soon as I get my WoW membership ill loose a ton of weight cause I spend all my time playing and don't eat much." ...Metabolism fail.

Cook meth to spite them.

flockz 19

easy there, walter.

What's this Walter business? I'm just a crack head.

Walter White is the main character who cooks meth to pay for his cancer treatment in AMC's Breaking Bad.

You forgot to tell her to get knocked up as well.

Cook meth to spite them.

Msraina 8

No one can be ugly on the outside when they're beautiful on the inside. There's also nothing wrong with being a nerd. I'm not saying prove them wrong, though. Just don't take comments like that to heart.

"The best thing a girl can be in this world is a nerd, an ugly nerd." Wait that's not how the quote goes…

euphoricness 28

I will fix it for you, " The best thing a girl can be in this world... Of Warcraft, is a nerd, an ugly nerd." :D

Show them! Just start bootleggin' black tar. Or maybe not. Either way surprise yourself

How horrible of them, OP. However, if they are going by stereotypes, then you can too. Have fun in the future when your current hard work has paid off. Have fun laughing all the way to the bank when you stop being that "ugly nerd" and are "the successful young person" And finally, have fun laughing at your parents who slated you all those years ago. :)

Nerds are never ugly, just a lower level nerd then the rest!

slickchrome 11

Prove them wrong go get knocked up

MrClean17 15

I always thought teen pregnancy was a problem, but apparently now its a solution!