By Anonymous - / Sunday 27 March 2016 12:27 / United States - New York
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By  senor_octubre  |  24

He sounds just like my girlfriends mom always putting her down because she is so insecure with how much better her daughter is than her. Don't listen to him OP I'm sure you are smart and beautiful

By  Tripartita  |  44

You know what they say: drunk words are stupid, /stupid/, idiotic, irrational, unhelpful, hurtful, purposeless, asinine, douchey, stupid thoughts.

I've always liked that expression.

  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

There is nothing beautiful about being fat. There are plenty of negatives and exactly 0 positives. If you want to stay fat then power to you, your life your choices, but don't insult other people's intelligence with false cliches such as that reply.


#12 - Although obesity in itself is not a beautiful thing because of health reasons and should not be encouraged, big people can still be beautiful and wonderful people. I have friends who are big and I find them to be extremely gorgeous. Don't diminish a person's beauty and worth because of their weight. In fact my boyfriend is a big guy and I find him extremely attractive and cuddly, but I still do encourage him to get healthy.


#32 - Being mean to anybody is just plain wrong and should never be done. Overweight or skinny or anything else, we are all equal and deserving of basic respect until we lower our worth by being assholes. So it is sad when people think that defending one body type means to shame the other. :(

  thenetflox  |  4

Yah you can, just fucking workout. Stop acting like all skinny girls were born that way, hate to break it to you but most of us WORK to get skinny and healthy.

By  senor_octubre  |  24

He sounds just like my girlfriends mom always putting her down because she is so insecure with how much better her daughter is than her. Don't listen to him OP I'm sure you are smart and beautiful

By  clichedghost  |  9

One of the weirdest things of growing up is realizing that our parents aren't perfect and are just ordinary people. This is definitely one of those moments where you should realize that he is just like any other person and his negative attitude should be disregarded.

By  Zels999  |  1

Honest question, why do fat people not care about being fat? You can't run, you can't climb some stairs or do anything slightly physical demanding without running out of breath. Losing weight is extremely easy, as long as you're dedicated to it, and the benefits are extreme. Sorry if this is offensive to fat people...


For starters, we don't know why OP is fat as this could include a myriad of reasons, how fat she is, or if she's even truly fat as her dad could just be a douche and all she has is a big stomach.
Second, it's not extremely easy to lose fat, as losing fat too quickly could leave you with sagging skin that looks very bad, and only plastic surgery will get rid of it.
Proper diet, exercise, her genes, her schedule (she perhaps dedicated a lot of time to her studies), amongst other things have to be considered.

so, yeah. If it were extremely easy, many people would have Grecian statue bodies, etc


I'll also add that losing eight isn't as simple as eat less, move more and most fat people can do all that stuff. Sugar and unhealthy crap is actually as addictive as hard drugs, but you don't see people telling crack heads to "just stop doing drugs" because it isn't that simple. Contrary to weight loss ads, it's not as simple as dropping 50 pounds in a 3 month no lifestyle change program, it's usually a serious and painful lifestyle change.

  IamHM  |  14

That's right. It takes years to put weight on, and years to take it off. It's not 'extremely easy'. For you to say that, it means you don't understand weight loss and obesity. It not only takes dedication but the right diet, lots of exercise and a good support system. I know people who work their asses off to lose weight and I'm one of them. Definitely not easy but any goal worth attaining is worth the hard work.


Im calling bull on the "extremely easy" im about 25 lbs over weight, and ive been working out intensely for 2 hours a day 5 days a week for over 3 years and only lost about 15 pounds. So no. Its not extremely easy. It depends on your body type, diet, metabolism, and zillions of other factors. Some people are naturally in decent shape, but just as many people are naturally way under or over weight.

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