By AnDroidZ_BabY - 11/09/2011 04:47 - United States

Today, my mom and I had a fight in the car over who farted. The result? She wanted to smell my underwear when we got home, to prove it was me. FML
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That's so gross...

So did you let her smell it? :p


That's so gross...

Why? I do that to my bro all the time.

It's not an FML because Op's mom is a freak, it's an FML because she's going to find out that op was the one who farted!

I think that went a little to far.

I and my brother do that all the time...You're not alone

simply inform your mom that you don't wear underwear and it all good

49- you smell your brother's underwear?! Your brother smells your panties?!?!? O.o that's some fucked up shit right there.

steers & queers...

More like "Fuck Her Life(FHL) when she smells them and realizes that you did indeed fart.

smells fishy to me

No matter how you put it, this situation is seriously effed up.

how else could you put it that it WOULDNT be effed up?


You should have pinched off a tiny turd in your drawers and then stuck them in her face.

smell her underwear

49. I'm no grammar nazi... but... I and my brother?

Smell her snow trail, oh wait.

So did you let her smell it? :p

Is that even possible to detect the smell minutes later?

So, was it you?

^ holy..... Wait till soty sees this.

Holy Shiznit. :o

Must've been. Mommy's always right

Give her a Dutch oven

I agree ^^

I miss yu-gi-oh

I'm Dutch. What's a Dutch oven?

It's when you fart in bed and hold her head under the blanket according to urban dictionary...

You should've ripped one and handed it to her to smell your underwear. Asked her what you had for lunch?

That's pretty weird...

Ya that is weird.

Whatever floats your boat i guess. lol

Fart doesn't linger in your jocks forever.

Nice pic.. Cept im more ripped..

marinus has a hotter tan ;) yummm

Well.. Did you fart?

Rofl! Did you let her smell it... Maybe your mom is gulilty over this make you embarrassment yourself...

Ahh sentence structure for the win?

*sniff* When did we have tuna salad?

No mom you will not, I repeat, WILL NOT smell my underwear. That's crossing too many lines

Tan lines among other.

Well, maybe she's a habitual line stepper.

Like the panty line!