By smh - 15/07/2014 20:11 - United States

Today, my mom and dad played rock, paper, scissors over who gets to spend the night with me in the hospital tonight while I have surgery. FML
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Loser has to stay or winner gets to stay? Big difference.

parents these days... sorrt OP.. hope the surgery goes well..


parents these days... sorrt OP.. hope the surgery goes well..

It's the most easy and fair way to do it! I think the op is more upset at the fact both parents wanted to leave than at the fact they decided to Rock Paper Scissors over it.

Maybe both wanted to stay but only one could. Maybe OP misread this entirely. Then again, maybe not.

If we never get a follow up lets assume OP didn't make it.

pwnman 33

37 is correct. Only one can stay, I broke my arm and my mom had to stay and there wasn't my dad or anyone else allowed

Beat them both at rock, paper, scissors and get the upper hand!

JellyBalls 18

What if they tie?

#7 Have you ever actually played the game? Most of the time it's the kind of game you have to have multiple rounds of because you tie

cryssycakesx3 22

use fire!

Unless OP is having surgery on their hand. Then that might not be a good idea.

7- That's why Sheldon insists on rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

SrgntSprnkls77 15

They should've ro sham bo'd for it

Ouch... Well hope everything went ok!

Always go rock in that game. Most people dont do paper first

juturnaamo 29

I heard scissors are least common, men are more likely to throw rock first, women are more likely to throw paper first.

nightowl713 25

Wow, they should be ashamed. I'm sorry OP!! Happy thoughts for a quick and healthy recovery!

Loser has to stay or winner gets to stay? Big difference.

Agreed. With her being old enough to be coming on FML there's a good chance she's at least a teenager though, so I'm surprised either parent is allowed. Usually here that's only for major things. Which this could be, but then I think they'd not be posting on FML so quickly...

football98_fml 20

Seeing that its on FML, I'm pretty sure the loser had to stay

Given that this is FML, most likely the loser. EDIT: Sneaky bastard beat me to it. Good show.

sterling1113 15

#23- considering it's surgery, and OP is staying over night(for at least one night) I think it's fair to assume it's somewhat major. And I'm turning 20 this month and my boyfriend stayed with me in the hospital when I was there for a few days. So age doesn't have much to do with having visitors/overnight stays. Plus, considering FML requires you start with 'today' it is very likely this happened a bit ago and OP is putting it in the present- tense to fit FML's guidelines.

I'm so glad that two teenagers with 200 comments between them were kind enough to explain to me how FML works. Thank goodness.

Yikes, #46. They have 200 comments between the two of them, which suggests they might not be regulars and were just supplying information. They didn't say anything condescending. No need to get snarky.

Me snarky? Never.

the way parents show love these days...

You mean like buying expensive iPhones and iPads and Xbox and PS4... Yeah. You kids sure have it rough.

Now, Doc, you know that's not true. Some people require affection in different forms. I know that a heartfelt hug means more to me than the newest trendy gadget.

Hey now, the only thing my dad has done to help me through school is babysit guinea pigs while I work. Some people get everything from mommy and daddy, others don't. If they don't want to keep OP company at the very least, its certainly not very loving.

RedPillSucks 31

Speaking of expensive love, how's that tesla?

Well I hope either way you have a good recovery! But that's rude of your parents!

That's bad. Hope they did it in a lighter sense. And good luck for the surgery and have a fast recovery.

your parents are insensitive, fyl.