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Today, I was arguing with one of my professors. She said that all married couples fight and I told her that my parents have never argued or fought about anything. When I got home my parents told me that they're getting a divorce. FML
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I'm sorry. Actually they could be divorceing BECAUSE they never actually fought....


I'm sorry. Actually they could be divorceing BECAUSE they never actually fought....

Exactly. Disagreeing is a vital part of a healthy relationship. If one partner always says "Yes dear, of course dear", then the relationship is going to end explosively and soon.

Agreed. I never fought with exes in the past but we still broke up. Now I fight with my girlfriend probably once a month and we're still hanging strong. It really sucks that you gotta go through that though.

Disagreeing isn't really healthy, but addressing any conflicts so you can resolve them is.

Agreed, there is bound to be conflict in any relationship, romantic or platonic. Without conflict, and of course conflict resolution, there can be no growth in a relationship. Constructive conflict allows a pair of persons to understand the other better and learn to make concessions for the other. Seriously, if I saw a family or a pair of friends that claimed to never fight, I would be suspicious and assume that they are bottling up their issues. That's what happens, a lack of argument usually means that one is submitting to the other's will and bottling their own feelings up. It's not healthy.

*gasp*. She jinxed it! ... Dw op! Everything gonna be fine... Or hopefully it is considering this is 3 yrs later

Well that makes them good parents. Of course they fought (that'd be a given even if they weren't getting divorced). But you should never fight in front of your children. Good for them for being able to do that for you.

I agree. All parents fight; some do it outright in front of their kids, whilst others do it behind closed doors. Your parents probably did it behind closed doors to prevent you from getting hurt by their squabbles, by their actions. As such, I'm guessing this divorce came as quite a shock, and I'm sorry it's happening to you. If you're reading this, I hope you'll be okay, and I wish you all the best. And as a note to everyone else: I don't think it's appropriate at all for you guys to be putting the original poster down with your snide comments. Calling someone naive/stupid won't make you sound any more intelligent.

i disagree with the notion that parents should hide their arguments from their children. if they resolve conflict well, their children will learn to do the same.

That is very true. I knew my parents argued but they always tried to avoid doing it in front of me and my siblings. They are going 20 years strong. I wish op the best of luck with his parents. Maybe they will find happiness again.

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there's this thing called the real world, it's where the rest of us live. YDI for living in NeverNever land!

Exactly. All couples fight about something. It's healthy.

Honestly, I think that 100% of all couples fight at some point in their marriage. That's just how it is. If you don't fight at all, regardless if you have kids or not, then I believe something is wrong with the marriage and situations like a divorce may happen (just like this FML). In this case, just settle it in the octagon and hope for the best =) I'm sorry, sister, but these things happen and I wish you the best moving forward. Hopefully, the parents love you enough to not let this kind of thing affect their relationship with you.

Oh you naive child. You know what happens to married couples that "never" fight? All of that stored anger and resentment comes out one day and then boom! It's a major explosion. Fighting can be healthy as long it's not something excessive. Just because you don't actually see your parents fight doesn't mean that they don't when you're not around. But anyway...FYL, because this is a hard thing for a person to go through.