By sninapeters - 22/12/2011 05:31 - United States

Today, I realized that I've been intentionally causing arguments with my husband because the spare bed is more comfortable. FML
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StormGirl142 24

Why don't you just move the spare bed into your room?

Logic, fuck logic.


StormGirl142 24

Why don't you just move the spare bed into your room?

phoenixslayer69 4

Why is common sense, extremely rare?

OneNightStan 2

Wow, I feel sorry for that man. Another classic example of why women are crazy.

Husband? This is kinda reversed, isn't it?

1- because op just realized the problem? 13 - you speak words of irony.

Not all of us are like that I hope you're aware.

Namerkp2 8

13 - Obviously not common sense if the majority of people don't have it lol (common sense)

crammer1 6

It's probably more comfortable because he's not sleeping in it! Lol...what she needs is a giant king size temper-pedic.

stupidisntcute 0

That is what I was thinking! Just move beds!!

Fuck your husband's life OP.

Get one of those sleep number beds that adjusts separately for each side.

gracevet88 0

It's probly a single

alexm501 0

Switch the beds

Logic, fuck logic.

Woman logic, can't be unfucked, once it is in motion.

Just switch your bed for the spare bed and you get to sleep on it without the arguments

No way really?

mcrluverchick 9

Isn't it usually the husband who sleeps on the spare bed?

^ No, it's not. It's whoever chooses to sleep there... Derp.

your a stereotypical dick

skeezle 0

Seems like a reasonable reason

Sinamoi 18

If you keep this up, you might be on a friend's couch soon.

Arguments = make up sex Sounds like a win to me.

perdix 29

Don't fuck around with apologies. Just go for the Angry Sex. If the sex worth a shit, you won't care what the argument was about and you won't have to admit defeat, either. Plus, you had sex.

How does that even make sense? If you're gonna make a statement like that, you need to back that shit up with a reason. Make up sex is great.

Painful? What the hell? And if neither person is in the mood then it's not make up sex. You're still mad, it's not making up and having sex. There's no point to that. Your response doesn't really make sense.

saIty 17


bobbycorwen 5

I am not entirely positive, but I don't think love for an inanimate object counts as cheating...

ok STFU you ruined the FML

ok STFU you ruined this thread.

otb113 7

You are a vile human being

smb12346 17


badass243 6

theres no bed in the kitchen?