By sonofaneuroticwench - 20/08/2014 20:08 - United States - Rice Lake

Today, my dad and I got into an argument, and he ended up calling me a son of a bitch. My mom heard and started arguing with him over him calling her a bitch. Three hours later, I'm now staying at my gran's house with my mom and hoping her threats of a divorce weren't for real. FML
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What if your dad was calling himself a bitch?

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why did she need to drag you into this?

10 because once its in an fml that situation can no longer be achieved by anyone else

I don't know why she had to drag herself into it.. She couldn't have been dumb enough to have actually thought he was insulting her with that comment.

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Dropping the "D" word should be forbidden. (Unless it's a serious discussion.)

2 didn't even use the letter D in her comment.

I am so sorry, after thinking a little, I realized that 16's comment had nothing to do with 2's comment.

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Just throwing this out there: my parents attempted to get divorced and "re-patched" their marriage. A year later they divorced for real. I've been so much happier since.

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I feel you, #24. My parents are still married, but it's gotten to the point where both their children have told them multiple times to just split up already. I honestly can't believe that seeing them go through a divorce when me and my sister were still younger would've been more damaging than watching them make each other unhappy instead. Sometimes, staying together for the kids is NOT the best option for said kids.

I'm going to dare to venture that the issues go beyond this bitch episode...

I'm sure there are other issues you don't know about, and this was just your mom's final breaking point... Don't feel like it's your fault for arguing with your dad OP, cause it's not.

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I've been coming here for years now, and I'm /still/ boggled as to why anyone would say YDI. Like, how is this OP's fault? What happened between his mother and father ultimately has no tie in OP's part.

My guess would be trolls or people trying to get the award for giving a certain amount of ydi's

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And some people accidentally click the wrong button sometimes. This question is asked on every FML where it's obviously not OP's fault :P

what #33 said. I've accidentally clicked the YDI button 2 or 3 times, but I'm sure some people are just trolling.

Kind of an asshole move for your dad to call you a son of bitch

Yeah I agree. What the hell could OP and his dad been arguing about so strongly enough to call his own kid names? I'm distressed...

I would figure the conversation directed toward you wouldn't have set your mom off but I guess that's the way it went