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By  agentx52  |  13

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  zandalee  |  19

My house too! 24 years of loving and my husband & I are still completely faithful to each other. I would rather die than hurt my beautiful man. ❤

  SammyS2012  |  21

Speak for yourself. I have never cheated on my boyfriend or wanted to, nor do I plan on it. Faithfulness may be dead to you, and that's a shame, but don't push that ridiculous idea onto others.

  RinaRina  |  9

Being faithfull is not dead. I would rather die then cheat on my Fiancé.

If cheating is happening often around you then you are hanging around the "wrong" types of people sweetheart.

By  feldco1  |  17

Wow that's pretty poor on your parents part . However, unless they're staying together for financial reasons or whatever, they kinda deserve it for not splitting up.


I totally agree with you... If either of them want to sleep around they should make it a hobby and do it together. They'll both be much happier knowing who's ran through who

  Airman1988  |  9

Actually sociological trends are showing that women are much more apt to cheat now days and the tables have turned or at least leveled out. In other words honest committed relationships are becoming a thing of the past, sadly.

  Airman1988  |  9

Actually Petey statistics are showing women cheat as much as men now if not more. Part of the sexual revolution and as women gain greater gender equality it has become more acceptable by society as a whole for women to be more like men in that area.

  evig_fml  |  16

Another fun fact for the day~ not only do woman now cheat as much as men, but on average woman will cheat for longer! A typical male cheater will usually only be a one night stand while a woman's typical cheat will be an entire other relationship :)

  JAMSM  |  6

This thread of comments make me feel lonely in this world.

Every time someone cheats, one of their fingers should be cut off and the stump branded. I'm sure many people would make it through life with ten fingers yet, and those with less couldn't hide the fact that they'd once cheated.

By  xeldawyn  |  14

That is an awful situation, OP. I hope your family doesn't go through a painful divorce. Maybe there is hope for reconciliation if both are up for it