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Today, my younger brother and I got into a fight over who the favorite child is. My mom overheard, came in the living room and said, "It's your little brother, now shut up." She was serious. FML
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Tell her it's okay, because your dad is your favorite! :)

my brothers the favorite too.


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Thats sad...

it's also true

It's always the youngest.Tell her your dad is your favorite.

the youngest is always the favorite my parents like my little brother more even though they admit to him being one of the biggest pains ever.

I understand deeply how the OP feels.

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What a bad mother

At least she still loves u my mom told me shed rather have my cousins has her children and since then we just Stare at each other until one finally walks out of the house

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not always I'm the oldest and I'm my mothers and grandmothers favorite.

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don't join the Marines, it sucks go to college trust me, I wish I had...

Congratulations! Most people have trouble figuring out how or when their mommy/daddy issues started. You're one step ahead.

Get on his level nub! >.

you should go smack your mother up!

gmc_blossom 21

It was nice of her to let OP know the truth, no?

what a bitch, steal her money and run away from home

38, are you the only female sibling in your family? girls seem to receive favorite privileges to according to a friend of mine.

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Not true. My moms mom favored her sons over her daughters and my mom favors me And my brother over my sister. Sadly my sister is a successful business women and my brother is homeless drug dealing methhead.

my brothers the favorite too.

They say they love all children equally, but it's ALWAYS the youngest or oldest. never middle.

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not true my brothers the middle and he's the fav I'm the only girl and I'm not even close to being the favorite

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my brother is too.

no shit he is! u twat! I'm the baby and my mother has made it quite clear I'm the fav, it's got somethin to do w them being the baby, aka the last she had given Birth to..

that's prolly bc they KNOW your the slut they never wanted as a daughter from their loins

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probably because u have a giant tattoo on you're tatas

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that was directed at 59 by the way. for all u tards with zero common sense

both of you should shut the fuck up. you don't even know the girl so I say go fuck yourselves.

notice how the middle child isn't even mentioned? woe is us. :(

Agreed with #50.. I'm in the middle and I'm definitely not the favourite.:(

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it's always the younger sibling. :(

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that's not true I'm the young one and my older brother is the favorite

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That was for seventeen.

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I always assumed parents loved their children equally, silly me.

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miscomment omfg.

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Not really. I'm the youngest and my sister is the little good girl and she's 18 lol

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my older sister is the favorite. it depends on how much trouble each sibling has given them.

luckily my parents don't have favourites

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SAME HERE #33!! it sucks

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I'm the youngest and without a doubt the favorite.

keep hoping don't let anything bring you down

(8) nothing you say today is gonna bring me down!

Tell her it's okay, because your dad is your favorite! :)

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haha! clever :)

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your welcome

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maybe she doesn't have a dad...?

YDI for arguing over who's the better child.

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How does he deserve that? His mom basically just said OP isn't her favorite. Not cool.

always the boys /:

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9 is right somewhat. my dad favors my twin sister and my mom favors me. also 9, you are really beautiful.

dasd tend to favor girls and mums tend to favor boys over here

This ain't no lovefinder 71 if you're that desperate there are sites specially made sites for you ;) knock yourself out.

yeah I agree its always the boys, girls tend to b harder to raise

hahaa, #109 made me laugh(:

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hey k dub

My parents don't pick favorites...they beat us.

Good ol' fashioned parenting right there.

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I meant to click thumbs up

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sexy hands

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teaches kids not to pretend to be cowmasters throwing milk on random strangers. *shakes head*

Tell her that's okay, because you always loved your dad more anyway.

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You always post good comments. But this is the 3rd time it's been posted lol and counting lol ^_^