By Anonymous - 11/04/2009 16:13 - United States

Today, my Dad called me to tell me that he had finally won the lottery and that I no longer had to worry about trying to find a way to pay for school. I was so excited I started crying. He then told me that he won $5 on a scratch off lotto ticket. He bought a sandwich. Funny dad. FML
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uh you had it correct the first time honey..


Expensive sandwich

lol...and yay first

first, and haha ur dads awesome

unibrowicorn 0

i love your dad.

lol...and yay first

my dad would do something like that

lifeislife_fml 0


Your dad is made of 100% pure win.

sarahvalasco 0

wow that must of sucked

What's the problem your family just gained a sandwich:)

kennyFTW3fiddy 0

ya dad is a beasttt