By galladore - 12/12/2014 15:17 - United States - Bensenville

Today, my oldest friend got engaged to her loving boyfriend of one year. Meanwhile, I can't even get my boyfriend of more than four years to commit to a decision of what he wants for dinner. FML
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Why are you comparing the two? You obviously love your boyfriend, so what if he can't choose dinner. It's just dinner.

Some people are just indecisive!


Some people are just indecisive!

swallowing goes a long way

Why are you comparing the two? You obviously love your boyfriend, so what if he can't choose dinner. It's just dinner.

Exactly. I didn't marry mine till 5 years in. People are ready at different rates.

Not to mention that people that get married quickly tend to not have long lasting marriages.

That's how we roll

just pick make what ever you want if he cant decide! :D

let me clear this up for you - men are sometimes dumb. You might be thinking about the great depths of your relationship which we guys r thinking about what we want to eat. doesn't mean your boyfriend doesn't love you.

That's pretty much what the FML says.

Dinner is not all that important. Marriage is for very serious. Apples to oranges . In my opinion, one year is not enough time to get to know someone well enough to make life long decisions, I wish your friend best of luck .

Absolutely! And also, don't spend your life comparing yourself to others.

I believe you're cooking sucks. Friend=good food=engaged You=sucky food= boyfriend indecisive =not engaged

@7 *your now I'm good.

Ah. A wild troll appears.

I don't know why you're focusing on dinner - I don't think that it correlates directly to getting engaged.

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She is saying that her boyfriend is so afraid of commitment that he can't even choose a dinner. She obviously wants to get married to him but he is not able to commit.

Don't worry about it OP. most likely their relationship won't last. They haven't had to really deal with each other's worse parts just yet.

How do you know?

What. No. You cannot legitimately be comparing the commitment involved in a marriage to that in dinner. Dinner is an important event that nourishes both the appetite and the body; possibly the most important decision a person is faced with! Marriage is just a concept formed by the government to keep us from procreating too quickly.

I think she meant she couldn't get him to commit to anything, even something so simple as what to eat.