By Anonymous - 12/12/2014 16:02 - United States - Anchorage

Today, I found out first-hand that the most horrifying sight you can ever witness is two morbidly obese people getting nasty with each other in a dance club's run-down, public restroom. FML
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Give them a few seconds, they'll run out of breath.

I think this would be nasty on its own, regardless of their weight. But that's just me.


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We call them bloaters... they're people who have been infected for a reeeal long time.

The Last Of Us reference google Bloater Last Of Us

Give them a few seconds, they'll run out of breath.

Wizardo 33

Probably start sweating crisco oil while they're at it too.

Either that or they'll ask you for some McNuggets to keep them going.

downvote me to hell, but lets not fat shame okay? be better humans than that

Speaking for the morbidly obese, I only disliked the two follow up comments, though that probably has more to do with that fact that they were terribly stupid. Ops original comment about running out of breath made me laugh.

Good god I hope you didn't have to watch them twerk.

my attempt to calculate their moment of inertia gave me an overflow error on my calculator

How can you be so sure that they just weren't stuck?

False. What about 3 morbidly obese people doing that? Do I dare ask you to imagine 4?

Whoa, man, take it easy! The human brain can only handle so much trauma at one time!

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