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By  almost_there44  |  26

Even if he was joking, it is still embarrassing on his and your end. Based on your username, he was serious. Even worse, depending on what your best friend said, your day may have gotten a whole lot worse. There are some things that shouldn't be done, and this is one of them. This definitely needs a follow up.

By  ThatLastKid  |  21

I have so many questions. Like was your best friend secretly dating him? If so, how long? Did she say yes? Did he propose to her in front of you? Why didn't he break up with you first???

By  liinkinparkfan97  |  34

You could always think of this as a good thing, now you can find someone better than him. You deserve it! But seriously, that's awfully rude of him. Hang in there OP, it can only get better!

  mariri9206  |  32

Only if their names are Rachel and Mindy and the (possible) groom-to-be is named Barry.

By  tjpr314  |  8

What a jerk! I hope that was just a bad joke but if not you deserve much better than a person like that to call a boyfriend. Better days are coming your way just stay positive.