By Che_likes_you - 12/12/2014 15:15 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I had to babysit my 7-year-old niece while my brother bought Christmas presents. After he left, she walked up to me and said in a very dark voice, "I'm gonna make you hate children!" Now my apartment looks like a bomb site. FML
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kids can be downright evil.

You should definitely tell your brother.


kids can be downright evil.

Agreed. My five year old cousin cussed me out and ripped my favorite headphones.

"We can? Thanks, Mom!"

tantanpanda 26

the best thing to do to brats like those is to tie their ankle to the leg of a heavy table so they can only go so far. it worked on my parents a long time ago.

You should definitely tell your brother.

I'm pretty sure it's easy to tell your brother though, isn't it? I mean, all of the evidence is right there...

Some parents just don't want to hear it. Their perfect little angels can do no wrong, and it always has to be someone else's fault.

That was a fiery comment with explosive results... Anyone? Okay, I'll let myself out...


We'll lock the door behind you.

It's okay, you already got top comment...

Wow, I bet you won't be babysitting any time soon

Well, did it work?

Oh children. Gotta love 'em

Sounds like someone needs a stern talking to. Perhaps an angry wag of the finger should do the trick.

*gasp* you WAG your finger at a child! One should never wag their index finger at a child!

That's suggestive of pointing a gun at them! And guns are by nature Satan's tool!

Man up spank the brat

Because spanking always solved the problem.

It solved my problems. I grew up straighter because I was actually corrected. There's nothing wrong with some rod of correction every once in a while.

Not spanking certainly doesn't help.

cadillacgal79 32

Hey, when I did something I shouldn't have, I got my ass whooped or hand soap on the gums, which is really nasty.

#10 So you're saying that it is okay to hit another persons child? I do not understand why people are voting you up for your rude comment!

Llama_Face89 33

10- This is a prime example of how soft society has become... I NEVER acted like some of the little shits you see today because I knew what would happen if I did. Kids these days know they can get away with anything with little to no consequences. Imagine how they'll be as adults.

guys, everyone has different opinions. we were spanked, my brother is a hellion and im "normal". people believe different things

I was spanked as a child. As a result, I suffer from a condition known as "respect for others."

As much as I'm for spanking and teaching respect. You don't hit someone else's child. Unless the parent said you can deal punishment as far as spanking, then I wouldn't spank them and there are other ways of teaching kids to behave. I was spank only once or twice as a kid. My behavior got worse from it, because if look for better ways to hide it. My parents decided to use other forms of punishment, but all in all, I never really misbehaved enough to need punishment. There were only a few times where I should've been punished. I just didn't do much. My parents always thought it was odd and have often said they had it way too easy with my brother and I.

How can you teach kids respect when you disrepect themselves by hitting them. Its fear you teach not respect. Many parents seem to be unable to give the kid consequences other thank hitting the kids since society has changed and hitting children isnt ok anymore. Its a adaption issue not the lack of spanking. authoritative parenting is seen as hitting child and so on. So parents in this gneration fear being authoritative even though it just means giving the kids borders and consequences for breaking them. Consequences are really important but hitting a child is a bad consequence. And its equally important to announce the Consequences. I would have told the kid that i tell everything it does bad to her dad and that santa doesnt give gifts to misbehaving children. And if it misbehaves too bad and doesnt stop im gonna call her father and tell him right now and if he has to come back he will be really mad. Thats what i would have done.

Slip "it" some children's Gravol. Annnnnd it's sleeping. Enjoy watching Netflix in peace.

I don't think it's always a good decision to slip a child drugs.