By Lonely - 11/03/2010 12:16 - New Zealand

Today, I congratulated my friend for getting engaged. This is the fourth friend of mine this year that has become engaged. I haven't even had a boyfriend yet. FML
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Get a boyfriend when there's a boy or man in your life that you really really like. Don't do it just because everybody else does.

FMyLifeCereal 0

Maybe you just have higher standards


OneHottBaby 1

ouchh haha

call a stripper. simple as that

YDI for having an unattractive vagina.

ryguy997 0

sluty friend much.

put yourself on craigslist

tehamericanboy94 0

Sooo...when's the wedding?

u should get uglier friends.

oh_dee 0

Meh, no biggie. Start going out more often and maybe you'll actually meet someone!

MetroidSlayer01 8

there is 39 with her slutty persona again (hopes to start another multipage debate)

haha I'm good metroidslayer I prefer to avoid drama :)

But maybe drama doesn't want to avoid you.

Actually, I have pretty crazy friends and 5 of them got married. All within the time between last summer and now. Oh and they all are 18-20. =/

TrekkieGirl 0

OP, being married isn't everything and being single isn't the end of the world. Enjoy your life!

u_killed_kenny_ 0

in soviet Russia, you don't avoid drama, drama avoids you!

poor baby, can I cry FOR you?

in mother Russia you don't shoot basketball, basketball shoots you!

147 wins random funny quote of the day

didn't see that comment

then get off your damn computer and try and get one. each second you spent typing this could have been spent getting a bf thaat u obviously care about so much

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Marriage is not the ultimate goal in life.

tweetbaby14 18

stop complaining and go on a dating website since you can bear to tear yourself away from the computer to find someone.

jayAZ 3

OMG! can I have your pillow!? please?

consider yourself lucky

bcns 0

is this all you do? comment on other peoples FMLs? jeez get a life

Intellectualist 0

sorry... did you just say that by commenting on someone's FML? Oh yes you did. Moron.

Notice how the troll will purposely not comment now to pretend that he has a life even though he has read this...

Thank you, but I have one(: I read FMLs between classes to humor me as well as the comments (like everyone else). Im sorry if most of the comments you make dont ever get on here. Just dont take it out on me, sheesh.

um, 27 and 31, your a couple of retards obviously...

don't feed the trolls please.

You don't understand the difference between "your" and "you're" and you're calling other people retards? Muppet.

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Just because you're single, doesn't mean that you're alone :) Half the time engagement is bullshit anyway, so chin up OP :)

Laura! haven't seen you in awhile!

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quiet day today, I'm rife within the FMLs today m'dear :)

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ur ugly laura

And you, troll, probably have the face of a squirrel and a complexion like a ghost from spending your every waking minute on the computer looking for people to piss off.

Monikabug 9

I think Laura is pretty. Just saying.

XxCoolPersonxX 0

it's probably better that way...

just be with a girl... their better anyways.. emotionally and physically!

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So? Don't rush, rushing makes many marriages and relationships fail. FYL for think having a relationship is needed as soon as possible.

true. 50% of marriages end in divorce. so, thoerotically at least one will get divorced.

or all of them if luck is not on thier side. OP needs to wait for the right one of at least try and find a nice one. not rushing is good but waiting to long also is bad. you dont wanna end up like the aunt from the wonderland movie.

I agree. Who cares that you're not married or engaged yet? This is NOT a FML. There is no shame in waiting for the right person. Jeez what is it with people and wanting to rush into the rest of their lives?

how is she going to find the right person if she can't even get a boyfriend? basically just wait and one day she finds mr.right and gets married that same day?

050294 0

I never said to not have a boyfriend, you can if you want to. I just said to not be miserable and want marraige so badly that she is whining about it. Honestly, marraige and relationships are for people willing to make a commitment, it is NOT a race to see who gets married/in a relationship first. THAT is stupid.

You know I agree that having a relationship isn't everything and that people can be happy alone... but come on never had a boyfriend. Unless all her friends are getting married really young that's pretty unfortunate. Being in a relationship shouldn't always be your only goal, but it can also be really amazing and I think everyone should at least experience that.

What Karina_said said... No rush...

beccaishereyay 11

That's okay, being a single virgin is good. At least that's what I tell myself to cope. :(

This was my question too.

Life_is_FML 22

I am sure OP isn't possibly as ugly as you are a b**ch my dear.

FMyLifeCereal 0

Maybe you just have higher standards

Not always a bad thing.

agreed... almost anyone can pickup a girl / guy just to say they did... the ones that last are the ones you have to search for (usually... sometimes people just hit it off right away)

then get one

hoydenrulez 0

well get one!! haha jeeziz don't sit here n bitch about it get one