By oxjessiiox - 11/10/2009 15:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to pretend to give birth in a play. I wanted to make it a realistic as possible but ended up crapping myself on stage by accident. FML
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Ouch, that sucks... But it's a little funny. :)

i just think that's gross (: and you wouldn't be laughing if it happened to you (:

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A little funny....that's freaking priceless


'she gave birth to a nice brown baby boy' boy.. don't you just love South Park ;D

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well, i guess you did make it as realistic as possible

It's funnier the other way around... Today, I had the role of doctor in a play who was helping a woman who had gone into labor. Trying to make it look realistic, she ends up ******** all over me. FML

Well this gives a whole new meaning to "Oh, shit!"

wow now thats a committed actor so realistic

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ahaha, I see what you did there ;) Anyway, I wouldn't know but don't women giving birth shit themselves anyway? So I guess it was VERY realistic! Props to you for going all out :D

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yeah my friend was a mess when she gave birth. she not only shit herself but popped all the blood vessles in her face!!!!! no lie

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Haha I thought you said popped all the blood vessels lmfao!

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Now that's truly gross. FTLs of the actor playing the doctor!

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Ohmigosh! that's so gross! lmao feel bad for u OP must've been humiliating. did it like, come all the way out? could u see it? eeeewww!!! so nasty if u were wearing a dress and it came out of ur undies and everyone saw!!! Fyl OP Ftl of all the other actors and anyone who say what came out of u (or just smelt it) hahaha

Why would she be wearing a dress if she was giving birth to a doctor?


Who said she was giving birth to a doctor? They were referring to the doctor witnessing (or whatever the term for helping with the delivery is).

I'm utterly confused with how Zeal came to that conclusion. :/

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lmao!!! Idk either, but giving birth to a doctor sounds horrible! I think if you were giving birth to a doctor.. your best bet would be to wear a dress... or go nude. :]

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I can't stop laughing at this chain of comments Lmao

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That's actually pretty realistic.

Fake? You wouldn't have to have tensed your anal muscles to give birth, or make it look like you were. Really, that'd just be un-needed.

Actually in real child birth most of the time the woman does have a bowel movement after childbirth, yes it was a little too much that she was faking childbirth and actually pooped, but in real child birth, it happens more times than not.

Agreed. I was going to say that that makes it quite realistic, since most women in labor crap themselves.

hehe .. anal muscles Thats a strong butthole!!

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Doesn't that make it just a little bit realistic, although it's really gross? I've heard some women do shit while giving birth. My mom's friend did I think. Or my mom's friend said she almost did. Something like that. But I don't know. That's really gross though, FYL.