By isaidfuckoff - 27/06/2015 18:29 - United States

Today, my girlfriend came back from her mission trip with hickies all over her boobs. She said it wasn't cheating because she was doing God's work and that they canceled each other out. FML
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She's a keeper! Just kidding no she is not

Tell to actually read the Bible, specifically Romans chapter 6 and 7, before she does stuff like that. She has no clue how the world works.

Why does 86 have thumbs down, he's right, he's got a thumbs up from me

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Missionary... Position Camp?

The top two comments on FML: 1. "sounds like a *shitty* situation" 2. "dump him/her now" as stupid as these comments get, #2 there actually applies. and #1 for that matter

A rare situation where this is actually an appropriate course of action

The user name says isaidfukoff so I assume she did.

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Don't forget the hickey covered boobs

And this is why you don't date religious chicks.

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No, this is why you don't date idiots with flawed logic.

There are good religious women out there , they are just very rare nowadays.

How ironic considering that your username is JesusFreak

This has nothing to do with religion, see, people like you give Christianity a bad name, #4. Cheating isn't justified only within the boundaries of religion.

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Some people will seize any chance to bash religious people. How dare they have beliefs, right? Anyway, everyone knows atheists never, ever cheat... :) Cheating aside, she's not all that religious either if she has premarital sex with OP. Just sayin'. (I know, you can be religious and have premarital sex, but not "mission trip" religious, IMO)

Good religious women and men aren't "very rare," 24. You just don't hear about them because they don't make for interesting reading material in forums such as FML.

Who said she had premarital sex? Hickeys on her boobs could indicate foreplay only. And both atheists and religious people alike might cheat, but she was using the fact that she was doing gods work to justify her infidelity by claiming it nullified any infidelity on her part.

noone is saying that she is only cheating because she is religious or that atheists never cheat, but people are complaining that she is using her religion as an excuse.

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guys, #45 was joking when she said that atheists never cheat. It was implied in the sentence structure.

We aren't saying atheists don't cheat, were just saying at least atheists don't try and use religion as an excuse. Ive seen you on here recently, too. You comment stupid things and get down voted a lot. Cant you take a hint? Get off FML.

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Guess we know who's going to hell.

Well no because they "cancel each other out" , remember *sarcasm*

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You can cancel out a lot of things with good balancing and compromise. Stupidity is hard to cancel out.

It's not that hard, just use a shotgun. However it might be illegal in some states..

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Well god might not think is cheating but the Flying Spaghetti Monster does