By DaisyMay - 04/04/2011 19:47 - United States

Today, I returned home to find the key to my mailbox missing. I called the post office and was informed that a new key will cost me $15. I have no money, and my paycheck is in the mailbox. FML
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You don't have 15 bucks? I think you might have bigger problems then missing a key.

Meet the mailman @ the mailbox tomorrow


isaiaha11 2


I suggest you rob, the mailman.

rallets 22

kind of a catch 22 isnt it, clarice? tnsk tnsk tnsk tnsk tnsk tnsk

Rallets, does your comment have anything to do with the comment you posted under, or did you put it here to be an attention whore? That's a rhetorical question. We all know the answer.

Well, it's a compelling question, I'll give you that.

u don't know anyone to borrow 15 bucks from. rough.

rallets 22

it had something to do with the comment i posted it under ...right?

rebekahah 7

51- you're so right. it's so funny to see people do that on here JUST to get their comment read.

ever heard of a cutting torch?

KingDingALing 9

I remember when I used to thread-jack the first comment. That was back when KaySL brutally fucked me up along with some other people. Ah, good times. :') Don't ruin my special moment, assholes.

I wanna do u so hard right now king ding along...


76- Like you're trying to do? Did he not just state something along the lines of being a attention whore and now you're jumping on his pecker stating your pointless opinions.

Secretly there's a hobo hiding with the key in his diaper waiting for you to leave so he can steal your paycheck.

76 - I agree. But some people comment aswell just to waste other people time..

In Rallet's case, it's to waist other people's time.

2010smhill2010 0

kinda like what your doing now?

SirEBC 7

"waist" LOLOLOL.

rallets 22

hi jess :) lol but really, try harder next time? :D and "waist" i see wut you did thar o_O

mini loan? they do exist

all of our comments are made to waste time

loveisforever876 0

dear rallets, your butt ass ugly! I guess it does fit your personality so.. :) I would really hate myself if I was you.

rallets 22

You used the wrong "your". You call me ugly but yet you dont have a picture of yourself. Meh, you failed idiot.

that sucks :( lifes a bitch

because if it was a slut it would be to easy

well I say break into the mailbox it is your mailbox after all! Not your fault someone stole it

ye your excuse for breaking into someone elses property is because it's not your fault that your key was stolen. brilliant.

Nope. Mailboxes are actually federal property, as are the keys. Breaking into one would result in felony allegations-- even if it's assigned to you. It's a big fucking deal to mess with the post office or tamper with mail in any form.

life's a bitch and I'm her pimp.

oblio 0

You "found it missing?" Sounds like you lost it. YDI. Time to go hustle up some cash on the street corner, OP!

rallets 22

i know, how does something just turn up missing? thats like waking up dead, man. you cant go to bed dead and wake up alive but you can go to bed alive and wake up dead

rallets 22

lame bro, sooo lame ;D

ilovepoppa 0

lol 7. I was confused yet lol'ing when I was watching that part of the movie.

KaySL, sounds like you've been watching too much Scary Movie too seeing as how you understood the reference. I was confused and thought it was mindless babbling :D

rallets 22

nah, im no idiot :D i was just trying to reference that joke here nice try tho :)

rallets 22

lmfao nah :D from troll to moron, in the woords of rallets from kaysl back to rallets: "u mad?"

rallets 22

^ where did those come from? o_O

CommonSenseKarma 17

KaySL brews madness and sadness. My two favorite subjects.

Meet the mailman @ the mailbox tomorrow

Now that's an idea.

joa76 3

If they have a key, that means they get their mail at the post office, which means it gets sorted and placed directly into the box from inside the mailroom. They're not getting into the mailroom to grab it before it gets put in the box. It doesn't work that way. They COULD, however, go to the counter and ASK about it. If they show ID, I see no reason why the mail person wouldn't give them their mail (I don't know if they'd need ID or you can just say the box number, but it's a small town).

OP could live in an apartment complex joa :O

peppermintstick 0

I also have a key to my mail box, which costs $25 to replace if it goes missing. All of the homes in my neighborhood share a bank of mailboxes, so the mail carrier only has to make one stop to deliver mail to 20 homes. I was thinking this was the case for OP, and FHL because not only do you have to pay for a new key, but it takes awhile! When we bought our house, it took five days for the box to be rekeyed.

Frelling 0

Would be hilarious if the key was mailed to you.

141 made me lol haha

Well that sucks. Guess you're not going to get your paycheck until someone let's you borrow $15.

Or they steal the money.

ivanoff 0

get a torch out, or a grinder.

Time to get the hammer...

You don't have 15 bucks? I think you might have bigger problems then missing a key.

mintcar 9

What? You have absolutely no money? At all? ?????????!!???????

LunaNstars 0

i'm pretty sure this situation would happen to many college students. Or whatever, there's many broke people in America!

There's many broke people all over the world!*

mintcar 9

There is many broke people around the world?