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Today, the mailman delivered my new phone to my neighbour's house. This was okay, because he left a note in my mailbox informing me so. Now my crazy neighbour won't give me the package because, "*I* signed for it!" FML
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First, call the police because the package has your name not your neighbor's. Second, call the mail company to complain about the mailman and follow up on the complaint.

Honestly, how old is your neighbor? Because he's acting like he's ten. 'Finders keepers' doesn't apply in thr real world. You should give him a high five. In the face. With your mailbox.


Damn, I'm so sorry. I would harass him for it.

.... on #2. Finished your comment #5.

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Can't call the cops... His neighbor has his phone

Sexually harass? I'm all for that! Wait, I can't do it because I'm a girl? Preposterous!

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Girls can't sexually harass guys; only because no boys would actually turn down sex! haha :)

.... Certain guys will, I'm just afraid to say, due to fear of being moderated. It's a delicate subject.

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I think it's time for some home invasion or breaking and entering.

Well if he opens it, that'd be a federal offence. So yeah I agree, call the cops. He won't get away with it

Call the police it's a federal offense to open/ possess someone else's mail

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they are not in the offing United States of dumb, moron. Holland does not have "federal" offenses


You should say "But *I* paid for it!" and slap him across the face

Wow. You could probably get him in trouble for that....

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It's against the law for a mailman to just take him word. Taking words is theft, dear sir.

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So what if the neighbor signed for the package? OP still had to pay for it! You should be able to have him give you the package... and the mail person may get in some sort of trouble

Any theft 'mail' or interference in delivery of 'mail' is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. No matter the cost of the object. You should inform your neighbor of this.

Yes, it is a federal offence, indeed! Call the police.

It's a federal offence in the US. OP is in the Netherlands (supposedly). Probably still illegal though.

-32, What's with the weird comments lately, they're more serious then they are funny.

61 I meant "getting in trouble" reminds me of when kids got time-out and kids would say "I'ma get you in trouble!" I know they can be arrested for doing an illegal thing and not actually get sent to a few minutes time-out. 110 Well, the funny thing is, I meant it as funny, just people didn't see it as funny. It was not serious at all. Maybe if I worded it different it might have had a humorous effect... or it was a lame joke. Either way I failed at comment.

#64 Neighbor thinks s/he signed for the package. S/he signed a piece of paper that clearly states that they are only in temporary control of the product until the owner comes to collect it, you don't sign for the package you sign for the legal right to hold onto the package until the owner comes to retrieve it. Now the owner using their half of the paper, can take this matter to the authorities who will obtain a warrant to search the crazy neighbors house or demand that the neighbor pays for the price of the item.


Yeah and it has your freaking address on it, that's proof right there for felony.

Op should steal it, if the neighbour phones the cops, the cops will ask what was stolen, and they find out he stole the phone in the first place so they probably wouldn't bother.

First, call the police because the package has your name not your neighbor's. Second, call the mail company to complain about the mailman and follow up on the complaint.

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My guess is that the OP left a note for the mailman to leave it with his neighbor because OP may have been at work or otherwise busy. OP should have probably picked a better neighbor though.

It was implied with the mailman leaving a note on his mistake that what you said is entirely incorrect, 35. Sorry.

That's standard practice. Don't complain about the mailman; just ask them to not leave your stuff with that neighbor again.

For where I live, standard practice is for them to leave a note on the door saying they will try again later, or to leave the note, signed, saying to leave it at the door.

I support complaining about the neighbor. The mailman, however? He's human. We all mistakes. Don't complain unless he does it again, or this isn't the first time it's happened.

68, you're thinking parcel delivery services, which are, actually, entirely different from mail services. Also, 35, I came to the same conclusion as you, as I highly doubt that the letter carrier would just leave a note after making a mistake, rather than retrieving the item from the psychotic neighbour.

No, mailmen can leave your package with your neighbor. I had DHL leave my new laptop with my neighbor. He tried opening it an claiming it was his, he went federal prison for a bit.

68, And clearly you don't all live in the same place. It is standard practice in some places to have another person sign for it and notify the recipient that this has taken place. It happens all the time.

It all really depends on where you live, here in Canada there has to be a working arrangement between the two neighbours, and Canada Post has to be informed of said arrangement.

Third, wait months and months until the mail company & police actually do something about it because they're probably doing more important things.

Well where I'm from, they leave a note at the front door or on the letter box incoming you that you have a parcel to pick up from the post office. Or ring them and they can deliver it another time.

In England they normally post a sheet through the letter box with tick boxes which explain why they couldn't deliver your package. Either it's too big to fit through the letter box, or it's huge and you weren't here to receive it. I think they can leave your stuff with your neighbour but they have to have your say so. Otherwise I think they take it back to the post office and try again the next day.

Well guys I live in the Netherlands, and here they leave the parcel at the neighbour's house if you aren't at home. If both neighbours aren't home, they take the package back to the post office and leave you a note saying which post office you can pick it up at.

Here in the netherlands, it really depends on who delivers the package and where you ordered it from. While TNT (the main post company here) may deliver stuff to your neighbours, some companies have a "no one home? Try again two more times and if you're not home then, you have to pick it up at the post office"-policy. Unless OP ordered from one of those companies, the mailman was not at fault. That neighbour sounds like a major douche though, I'd definitely threaten to call the cops on him (and actually do so if he still refuses).

I am a mail carrier. Unless you left a written ok for your mailman to deliver any packages to your neighbor's house, he/she should not have done so. Call the cops if your neighbor won't give it back, and call the post office to complain. Follow up in both, it's unacceptable.

By the way, that's a federal offense....

Yeah, OP is apparently from the Netherlands. US laws probably won't help him out too much.

I'm from the Netherlands. Also yes, it's an offense.

In most countries it will be a federal offense to open someone else's mail. Charges may vary, but it is still illegal.

It's not just in the us also Canada and the uk it holds a 5000 fine and 30 days in jail 1st offense mail tampering

I love how a very large portion of the Americans on here, don't seem to get that they aren't the only country in the world, and other countries do have different laws for some absurd reason!!

I'm pretty sure most of us get that. We're not all stuck up assholes you know.

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That is considered Theft and you can get him in legal trouble for it.

So if op signed for it then how did the neighbor get it?? Ask him that op

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The "I" in "*I* signed for it" refers to the crazy neighbor. The neighbor signed for the package so he is trying to lay claim to it.

Honestly, how old is your neighbor? Because he's acting like he's ten. 'Finders keepers' doesn't apply in thr real world. You should give him a high five. In the face. With your mailbox.

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I'm sorry op! U paid for it! It's urs!!

So, your logic implies that.... If I buy a hooker, is she mine?

You don't buy hookers, you rent them (in my experience).

66 - If that's the case, evidently I have been doing it wrong.

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On top of that, I didn't know "urs" was a word...

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Oh god, that's not good...

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Suuuurree, "NoisyNykkii". If you want to make fun of my username, get a decent one yourself.

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I don't think it was an insult.

Personally, if I thought my username sucked, I wouldn't have chosen it... And I bet most people would say the same. So I have to say I quite like my username. I also quite like GirlOnFire (I'm assuming it's from The Hunger Games, but if not, that's still what it reminds me of :P) so I really don't think you can say ALL our usernames suck. It's really a matter of personal opinion.

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105- Speak for yourself!;)

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It is from the Hunger Games... I chose it because I am absolutely in love with the books and the movie.

143- Don't take it personal. I was just trying to keep the peace with comedy. And it worked. HUZZAH.

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That's stealing. You can get him/her arrested.