By Ryan McArdle - 25/1/2021 10:58

What did I do?

Today, I tried to log into Instagram for the first time in 2 days. They deactivated my account for violating their guidelines. I haven't posted a picture or made a comment in months. FML
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By  SevieCookie  |  14

Happened to me, they don't like it if you don't sign in regularly and so they deactivate your account whenever they please. You can contact them to get it reactivated :)

By  Kraths  |  16

I got a Facebook warning and suspension for criticizing the local PD. Why? Because I felt that allocating resources used to help the homeless to the PD was an unnecessary and wasteful endeavor especially with the spike of homelessness in the city. A fact that I backed with facts and zero swear words. Apparently Facebook hates opinions, even when they aren't posted.