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  Wiz_Of_Oz  |  17

Tell your neighbour that there will be a family reunion at your place, and ancient and powerful vampiric lords and ladies will be in attendance.

Get some complicit friends to show up in appropriate attire and tell your parents you are having a little dress up party-prepare costumes for them upon arrival.

Make sure that when everyone leaves you all hover about your neighbour's place. Maybe he'll leave you alone afterward.

  SammyS2012  |  21

Interview with a Vampire had a "vegetarian" vampire.

some people like Twilight, some people dont. Some like True Blood, some people dont. Let people like what they like.

  ironichalibut  |  24

Exactly! There's so much vampire lore, there are probably a dozen ways you can prove you're either not a vampire, or a vampire the likes of which he never imagined!
Either way, it's an interesting visit for your parents!

By  airforce987  |  20

Hmm.. Seems a bit odd that the police would still be taking his call after a 7th report of "vampirism". I certainly wouldn't if I was the dispatcher. The police would probably help you settle things down with your neighbor if you asked them (or, arrest him on harassment charges if he doesn't cooperate), they're probably just as annoyed as you are.

  RedDevel96  |  5

Considering there are people out there that drink blood and do act as if they're vampires it could be a true concern but I agree if it's been more than two or three times they should stop

  blackonblight  |  32

They may have to take the calls, but false 911 calls are crimes, unless I'm mistaken. After multiple false reports he should have been charged with misuse of 911. I know the guy who called 911 asking for burgers and weed 34 times in a row got arrested for it. I think the guy who repeatedly called 911 for phone sex did too.

(I follow some effed up news stories.)

By  ksks1234  |  33

The police haven't told him to stop? It seems like a waste of their resources to me. I guess if it really irks you, you could take out a restraining order, at least your neighbor will have to stay away from you and you have plenty of proof from the police.

Edit: drat! 6 beat me to it.

  littlem91  |  29

I think a restraining order would be a good idea, else I for see him one day trying to poke you with a stake. :/
I fear he could end up dangerous considering his obsession!