By Anonymous - 13/02/2015 20:24

Today, my thundercunt of a neighbor, who's hated me since I moved in, called the cops on me. He told them he saw me shooting up on drugs. I'm diabetic and was injecting insulin, which he could only have seen by spying on me through my living room window. FML
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Keep doing it in front of him and when the cops come he'll look like an idiot! That'll be a good laugh :D


Do what druggies do and share your needle with him

#1 Well OP is not a druggie and I think sharing needles is probably the last thing OP wants to do

Or you should shoot some actual drugs and really show him...

Sharing the needle! What could go wrong with that, right?

Well sharing the insulin-filled needle would kill him; maybe that's what 1 was talking about?

If only it were that simple. I've had a creepy stalker for a neighbor for years now, but because there is "no definite proof" I can't do a thing but buy thicker curtains and keep them closed.

incoherentrmblr 21

Even if he does have proof, the living room window is fair game. Now, if it were the bathroom/bed room window, then that's definitely a stalker. I can only wonder if OP's is in charge of the town watch...

I have reason to believe #73 is a livingroom window-peeper.

JayVicious 20

he does seem to know his shit when it comes to where you can peep.

The only lawsuit-worthy thing here is your stupid comment.

Actually, suing is an option if you want to get a restraining order. Also, you want to punish him so he'll stop. If it doesn't cost him anything, he'll keep doing it. If you sue him often enough for the same thing, you can then charge him with stalking and criminal mischief. For those thinking this is going too far, remember, this guy just tried to have OP arrested for drug use. That can involve long jail time if convicted, or a huge legal bill if not. So screw the shit.

adkim78 17

I wonder if there was a lightingcunt that came before him?

What a bright idea!......see what i did there

Thunder thunder thunder thunderCATS! That's all I could think of when reading this. Sorry though, OP whatta dick.

Keep doing it in front of him and when the cops come he'll look like an idiot! That'll be a good laugh :D

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That's a huge waste of time and would only assume victory on the neighbour.

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If I were OP, I wouldn't consider that at all, wtf? Move because his neighbor can't **** off? No, see once you call the cops, it's war. And I'm all about winning.

Probably because I don't care about "winning." The neighbor may have justice. But I'd rather live in a place where I feel safe/not creeped on. I guess I'm different.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Different? Probably, a quitter? 100%. Neighbor wants to play hardball, then I would play. Mind you I would never resort to violence (only self defense).

You're also a male though 87. And a woman having a male neighbour stalking and creeping her is a little bit different in my opinion.

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The best bet is a restraining order. Take photos showing the only way he could have seen the injection is by stalking and he will be forced to stop. If the restraining order is approved, it would force the neighbor to move by law as he can't be within (usually) a minimum of 100 feet of you.

He shouldn't have to move just because his neighbor wants to be an asshole. Moving would actually make him look like a pussy who can't stand up for himself.

You should set up a trap around your windows for the next time he "catches you taking drugs" i used vaseline and broken pottery around my windows.

I can not for the life of me figure out what kind of trap thst would make. Whatever it is, it sounds crafty.

If someone is clutching the windowsill I would imagine the vaseline makes it hard to hold on or easier to slip, the broken pottery would either make a noise when stepped on or cut the intruder?

Thats about the gist of it. But you can get more creative with it

you realize though that if the neighbor were to fall or get hurt. They could sue the OP

I understand your point, however we have laws about our pools (in Australia) that if a kid jumped the fence into your yard and drowned in your pool because you didnt have a fence (despite not having children), they would not get done for trespassing.

Rawrshi 25

"Jumped the fence" then drowned because you "didn't have a fence" ??? If someone else's child is so horribly parented that they think it's okay to jump your fence do you really think they'll get to the probably much smaller/same sized pool fence and be like "well, shit. I can't get over this one!" ? That doesn't even make sense. It isn't your job to make sure your property is safe for other people - especially if they come to your property against your will. That's like if someone steals your car and gets into an accident that they demand you pay their medical bills.

Gaernem 17

Actually there are cases, in America at least, where people have gotten hurt on other people's property and were able to sue them. Even when they were burglars/intruders. One of our governors said that if you catch an intruder in your home don't let them leave until cops arrive or kill them, because if they get out and were hurt they are allowed to sue.

Um i know it varies state to state, and probably depend on the details, like if the intended victim is a child, elderly, or even a healthy woman with an assault rifle under her bed, then if its a man being robbed. I know in florida a woman was lauded when her pitbull mauled a guy breaking into her house.

Kill them? As an alternative to letting them leave? It seems very extreme to me to kill them if you don't need to.

I think people are saying kill them to avoid the risk of being sued. There's been cases of people getting charged for being threatening when holding a burglar at gunpoint in their own home. Dead men tell no tales, so if you killed them and said it was self defense... I think it depends on the individual if they'd think that way or not.

Wow - that sounds like a messed up system if people kill to avoid a court case.

Some people will do anything not to pay a lawyer.

#63, the pool gate is a law over here (a stupid one) no matter if you have a fence for your yard, you still need to have a fence around your pool too. Yep, you could get done if some drunk idiot broke in to your yard, fell in and drowned..... It's pathetic

JayVicious 20

ha id say its pathetic #94 getting sued because natural selection happened on your property. sad days we livin in.

Go out and purchase some baking soda and small plastic bags. Then leave out 4 or 5 bags of the stuff on your living room table, next to a small smudged mirror and rolled up bill. Maybe even a spoon and lighter too. If he thinks you're into drugs, at least be impressive

you are my fml hero.......jk but that was funny as hell

Call him out & close the curtains so people don't look in.