By dammit - 01/02/2012 08:22 - United States

Today, my nap was cut short by three bricks flying through my window. FML
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Take the bricks and throw them back. ******* vandals will get a lump on the head and a valuable lesson about who NOT TO **** WITH.

hey, they're reusable. stop bitching and enjoy your gifts.


Take the bricks and throw them back. ******* vandals will get a lump on the head and a valuable lesson about who NOT TO **** WITH.

No, he's. All in all. Just another brick in the wall.

enonymous 8

I usually count sheep but if you're in the city I guess bricks are the next closest thing

When life gives you bricks, don't make a house, make life take the bricks back! I don't want your damn bricks, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life' s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson bricks! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down... With bricks! I'm going to have my engineers make a commutable brick that burns your house down!

Damn_Hippster 11

I can't help with the brick population, but one time my parents got a custom made steel mailbox that had a post that went 3 feet into the ground. First dumb kid that tried to knock it over with a bat succeeded in busting his rear window and almost broke his arm. No more mailboxes were ever hit in our neighborhood.

That's an usual alarm you've got there mate

At least it wasn't five flying bricks and a spider?

yes, reading 25's comment actually made me explode with laughter!!

Hahah I agree, throw that shit back out of the window, plus an extra one, so it makes a statement..

60- If you exploded how did you type a response?

62- it's a turn of phrase. Do you have fairly limited vocabulary / self expression? Or are you just being facetious?

SuperDerp 8

If that were me I would get my paintball gun and light them up if possible. Or chase their asses and call tge cops to your location to trap tgem

SherBear133 7

1- ******* vandals may also get a chance to meet DocBastard afterwards ^^ lucky...

But Doc, really more x-rays like the one in your picture are not needed. Instead pull out your trusty 44. and well you know... That way no x-rays. :)

jasonfawcett 2

one brick, two brick, three brick, floor!

Rddvl 11

At least you didn't get hit by them as they were being thrown..

You might have set that as your new alarm. Go to options to undo.

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I used to make arrow in the knee jokes, then I took a brick to the face.

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Lucky you dont live in sydney mate. Houses here get sprayed with bullets, and a man yesterday got shot in the neck with an arrow!!

Welcome to the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Theyy were trying to brick in his house

Fill in your window with the bricks, that way they can't throw bricks through anymore! Might reduce the lighting/atmosphere of the room though.. Orrrrr, you could chase those rapscallions down and use those bricks carefully placed in a sack to thump them.

The bricks see their reflection in the window and think it's another brick invading their territory. There are decals you can get that look like a predator, so you shouldn't have this problem again.

"rapscallions" just became my new word-of-the-day.

You should have thrown it back and them then beat the shit out of them

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Because all pranksters are "from da hood" right? Way to stereotype, 7.

flockz 19

ya way to stereotype damn. besides, if it was the ghetto, they would use guns.

I'm so gecko that I can change colors to fit in with rival gangs.

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Okay, you have to listen to me here on the steps to take revenge. First, buy a plot of land about 5 acres in size. Now, buy cement wholesale and store it in there. Now it is time to buy millions of dollars of heavy machinery and a few cement trucks. You can finally proceed to assemble three cement bricks to throw back.

Afterwards when your revenge is completed, you can kick back in a beach chair and sip a tequila while countless pedestrians ask you what in the hell you plan to do with all that extra concrete, but I'm sure you can find some peace in that secret fort you made in the cement truck.

Was it an advertisement for window pane refitting?

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That happend to me once but then I took an arrow to the knee!!!