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  Serec  |  0

I doubt it would be awkward, 1. I would be more annoyed at the fact they left the broken glass on the floor. See OP? They can't even clean glass up. Those are guys you don't need to associate with.

  RyGan  |  0

This is probably one if those FMLs where OP didn't tell the entire story .. They probably broke a window while playing baseball and let some guy friends sleepover -.-"

  The_Big_Mac  |  7

it would be awkward for about 30 seconds before I walked back and got my gun. They only thing left awkward then would be do you want to get up and stand outside and wait for my department to show up, or would you like me to just keep you here at gun point.


Why does everyone keep saying this would be awkward? I would say this would be pretty freaking scary! If I woke up and my window was broken and 3 strange men in my house, I would be freaking out! But that's just me i guess.

  noname5067  |  0

the most likely suspects of that happening where I live would be wetbacks and that's what's nice about 12 ga. is you might be able to kill three birdies with one stone

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

My God.

OP, I can tell you're excited that Beavis and Butthead are getting renewed (I know I am). However, that doesn't mean that you should start living like the two dum dums.

Ha, Beavis... we excited him. Ha ha ha...

Yeah, I am Cornholio! Brr!!

  mrahhhhh  |  21

Oh my God.

#81 (username ImSoBaKed) just guessed where I got my screen name from. :D

ImSoBaKed, you have won the 25 internets I posted as a reward on my profile. Use them wisely my friend. This is by far the most internets I've given out, as I thought it would be a very long time before someone got the right answer.

Congratulations dude. I'll put your screen name on my profile as the first person who guessed the meaning behind my name if that's ok with you. You got the impossible answer!

I also used mrahhhhh as my fml name because it is very easy to type, I love people asking me whether it's Mr. Ahhhhh or M. Rahhhhh, and it's weird in a good, random way. Plus that game is awesome (mr. ahhh! on the ipod touch) :).

Anyway I'll stop rambling now.

  mrahhhhh  |  21

I consider you a great commenter; that should be enough. :(

Who am I kidding, it's not. Here's a mouse at the end of a long spring that is wrapped in cloth and attached to a heavy square base :) .