By EllieJ - 23/03/2011 15:22

Today, I opened a cupboard and a brick fell on my head. The same brick my mum put up there to "keep it out of the way". FML
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Why exactly would you store your bricks indoors?

Evii_fml 5

Hahahaha I'm sorry but that's hilarious! Hope you're okay! =)


Evii_fml 5

Hahahaha I'm sorry but that's hilarious! Hope you're okay! =)

For some reason when I picture someone getting hit in the head with a brick I picture that home alone scene lol! :)

johnnybagodonuts 2

so does everybody that has ever seen that movie

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i think everyone has watched that movie

#1 i am ready to get hit by a brick if you ask me the same :)

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Haha, may I ask why there was even a brick in your house to be kept in a cupboard? So strange. (:

114# exactly my thoughts :) we think the same way, isn't it? lol

so why not put the brick under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink. maybe the garage. instead of in the cupboard

Is this the same brick your mother killed your father with? I'm pretty sure your mom just marked her next victim. RUN.

yeah that's where i store my bricks too...

YoItsMegan 0

hahaha this is probably the dumbest fml ever. who puts a spare brick on top of their cabinet?

hey Erik I'm Erik idk y I made it either but it's cool

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FYL for coming out of a dumbass' ****** who puts spare bricks in the cupboard.

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What fell on OPs head? A) A Brick B) Balls C) OPs Mother D) More Balls

a brick a day keeps the doctors awa-...oh nvm.

81, just because you see an attractive girl on the internet doesn't mean you have to try and talk to her. K?

Because everyone has bricks sitting around the house ;D. Mabey we should start a brick collection?

And you keep random bricks because…?

MyMuse7 0

a brick in the cupboard? I just don't get it lol

y cant he just say cabinet. at least thats what i think hes going for.

Hmmm_ok 0

lol.. op must be fat.. cause this sound like a fat trap.

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chell1894 13

exactly... first off why is there a random brick in your kitchen that needed to be put out of the way?

haha maybe she wanted it to fall on your head :)

Why exactly would you store your bricks indoors?

nocanhaz 4

Because if it were stored outside it might acquire abandonment issues.

zowieandzander77 1

There are plenty of reasons to keep a brick in the kitchen. They are often used to press chicken while roasting and also used to weight down pans when making pressed sandwiches etc.

mismonroe 0

Often? I've never heard of either of those methods.

zowieandzander77 1

google bricks and cooking there are over 25 recipes for brick chicken. Its delicious.

I was originally thinking the same as tencents but #103 reminded me that when I used to bake, I used a brick on top of a sheet pan to chill pie crusts. Also, pressed sandwiches.

TheDrifter 23

I just use a hot cast iron frying pan. Works great and no chance of brick dust sandwiches.

Who got the idea that the brick was used in the kitchen

Coulda been worse. It could have been a grenade.

auren15 9

it could have been a live grenade

Wouldn't it have detonated beforehand if that were the case?

Pin attached to door, grenade falls down when door opened. End of story.

They should have been stored somewhere else not in the cupboard.

ckyorelse 18

brick brick brick brick, it's fun

oh crap. i saw this after i posted mine. xD

KillerKittieKat 4

hahahahahahahaha! you are a very awesome person sir. an adult who watches kid shows.... we will all be kids at heart! haha

shibainu519 0

obviously you're not ready to rescue the princess, Mario.

jazziness your childhood is a failure. I'm extremely sorry.

Wait, let me get this straight. Her childhood is a failure because she didn't waste her childhood playing worthless video games? Is that what you're telling me? I'd say that makes her a winner, pal.

no doc. just no. youd have to live under a rock to not even know about mario. that does not make her a winner.

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question is, why do just have a random brick in your house?

Everyone has a random brick in their house. Where have you been lately!

I know right? I keep mine in my pillow. makes everything nice and fluffy. :D

memo619 0

clearly ive been living under a rock damn these trends

A7X_LoVeee 10

Me too. I have bricks in all shapes and sizes. I think I'm going to sale them on eBay.

lmaooo xD bricks are for smart people who need fluffy-ness & sucurity (;

Yep, you got that right. I keep a brick in my purse, just in case someone tries to mug me, or cut me in line at Taco Bell.