By Anonymous - 20/03/2016 06:24 - United States - Tucson

Today, my mother straight up admitted that she would murder me if God told her to. FML
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Varieus 30

Isaac, is that you?

sp00derman 23

if she offers you to join her on a mountain to make a sacrifice, don't join her!


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You call it outstanding, I call it disturbing.

You know what else is outstanding? Seeing a psychiatrist.

Change the word "God" to "the devil" or any other voice in her head she'd be deemed insane and institutionalised. It's not devotion it's the definition of insanity. Jeez.

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You can always take it back.

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isn't it against the bible to kill?

That's not God that she is committed. God isn't cruel

overly religious people can be so charming! "Son, I love you so much I would murder you if a voice in my head told me to", disturbing.

katachristic 19

No, outstanding is correct. It stands WAY the **** outside the bounds of normal rational people.

#60 it's against one of the Ten Commandments not the bible and I'm pretty sure God wouldn't tell anyone to kill anyone since he cherishes all life and wants everyone to love one another.

tantanpanda 26

^ God told many to kill others in the old testament. I have no idea what you're talking about. He punishes Saul for not killing everybody in a city. He kills a baby as punishment for adultery. Very convincing.

That is until you get the bill.... That alone might drive you bonkers. Lol

Your stupidity disturbs me more. A man of logic in the 21st century baffles you? Boo hoo

I'm surprised no one here brought up God's mass genocide, aka the story of Noah's Ark

I'm catholic, and I find this disturbing. Please don't give us a bad name.

Seriously? If your mother said she would murder you because the voices in her head told her to, would you think, "her commitment to the suicidal voices in her head is outstanding"

Institutionalize her.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

This sounds like a joke but you may need to actually do it, OP. Your mother has admitted that she would harm you if she was told to by someone that may or may not exist. If someone is threatening suicide they get put in a hospital, so if she is threatening to kill you (yes, her statement is technically a threat) you need to have her put somewhere where she can be watched so they can make sure she doesn't kill herself or someone else.

sp00derman 23

if she offers you to join her on a mountain to make a sacrifice, don't join her!

Varieus 30

Isaac, is that you?

OMG that's the first thing I thought of too! Isaaaaaaccc

Welp, time to head into the Basement, OP.

bryce0110 23

The binding of Isaac. One of the weirdest stories in the bible and one of the weirdest games.

26, The story of Lot and his daughters is way weirder than Isaac. That one always creeps me out. Ezekiel is pretty weird, too.

What about the guy in Judges that cuts up his concubine into pieces? The story is very similar to Lot's.

I love how diverse the Bible is. Some people think it's all just rules and regulations when in reality there's romance, betrayal, murder, love, sacrifice, sex, scandal, war, history, encouragement, and a whole lot of other stuff. Whether you believe in it or not, you can't say it's not interesting.

Hehehe, I see what you did there :P

sophiilou 19

This is SO true

beat me to it. Lol

hannah_dl 11

Nuts like her are disgusting. Some people really don't deserve to be called mothers. Evil woman.

UserError94 18

Yea, and cashews, I ******* hate cashews

#15 You made my day

Cashews are legumes, not nuts

deez nutz are legumes

UserError94 18

72 how dare you... I hope you choke on a banana herb

Okay, let's say God is 100% proven fact real. Are you really not gonna do what God tells you to? That's just asking for something bad to happen

If a God wanted me to kill my own child why the **** do I want to worship him?

If the bible was 100% true... One of the Ten Commandments says "Thou Shalt Not Murder" - So, no I would not murder anyone on his say so. Especially my child. It would make god one hypocritical asshole to go against his own commandments. lol.

Then I will gladly take the bad to save my child. I've been in an abusive relationship before and I said never again and meant it. I don't care where it's coming from.

Okay, let's be realistic and mention the fact that 4.2 billion people agree your god is not real. Are you really gonna listen to the a homicidal thought that pops into your head? People that hear voices in their head are either hallucinating or have mental health problems. People that kill when they hear a voice suggest it are psychotic and should be locked up.

I'd rather burn for eternity than kill my kid

katachristic 19

24, genuinely curious where you got that stat from?

If God proved himself to be real, no doubt we would hold him accountable for all the pain and suffering inflicted on people in his name, just saying.

If God is 100% real then the afterlife is also 100% real - in which case killing someone whom God has told you to kill wouldn't be as bad as it sounds. However, if an entity claiming to be God told me to kill someone I would be asking that entity for some ID.

Very simple: the world has around 7.4B people and the largest religion (christianity) is only 30% of that, so the remaining 5.2B+ people don't believe in whatever god they propose. I was using outdated numbers, so it's actually a bit more than I thought. Thanks for pointing that out:D

sp00derman 23

The only reason God told Abraham to kill his son was to test his faith. Right before Abraham was going to kill Isaac, God told him to stop and to not harm him. But now, God knew that Abraham truly loves him more than even his only son, and that he chose to follow God's will with his own free will.

Still a dick move on God's part. I wouldn't worship anything that instructed me to kill my own child, no matter why they did it

In my opinion, a parent should put their child first. That includes choosing damnation over murdering your child. Seriously, what kind of parent kills their child so THEY won't get in trouble with God? And as others have said, if that's he God Id have to worship and who'd Id stay with in heaven, send me to hell. If you are such an insecure God to even want your creation to out worshipping you over their own child, you're not the all loving God that's claimed.

TAntobella 14

That god is really, really narcissistic... "Show me how much you love me! I know you love me but I want you to do something SPECTACULAR for me!! Come on prove how much you love ME and let everyone know!"... That's the behaviour of one egoistical manipulative attention seeking twisted bitch! How can people manage to believe in those stories..

Binding of Isaac rebirth part 2

This is the true plot of Afterbirth+.

You could always say "Are you sure that's god talking and not the devil?"

I know that's your biological parent but she's no mother.