By nunyabiz112 - 09/02/2016 05:02 - United States - Pompano Beach

Today, after my fiancé of seven years and the father of our four kids broke up with me, saying he slept with another girl but not to worry, he thought about me the whole time and still wants to marry me one day, it turns out he's moved to another state. FML
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Who's to say it wouldn't have happened after marriage? And two sets of twins? Who would abort? It wasn't a bad relationship, just ended badly that's all. People divorce after ten, twelve, hell twenty years and none of them deserve it in my book. Ijs.

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Great! He's automatically out of your life. You are now free to forget about him. You don't need him.


Fiancé WITH kids for 7 yrs should've been the red flag.

KeannaLove 32

Why would that be a red flag? You don't have to get married to have kids.

Not exactly. But after 4 kids and still nothing? Not really a good sign

Great! He's automatically out of your life. You are now free to forget about him. You don't need him.

I feel like you're forgetting the kids.

What a complete asshole. There's no hope for cowards like him

It's people like him that should not be allowed to reproduce in the first place, out of your life and out of your mind I'm so sorry to hear about that OP, I hope your kids are doing okay as well as you

hey you can make him pay for being a douche bag. its called child support :)

You're far better off without him and your kids don't need to grow up seeing their mother being disrespected

4 kids in 7 seven and u're not married?? What were you expecting??

rldostie 19

Not everyone believes marriage is the ultimate commitment. For some, children alone are seen as more binding than a marriage contract. If the guy is willing to break the hearts of his kids, then something tells me he wasn't going to take marriage vows very seriously either.

zeffra13 31

#21 if they didn't believe in marriage, why get engaged?

That's right, 8, I forgot, married people never cheat or leave their children…

at least you weren't married, sucks for the kids though.

Take this as a sign that he's a two timer and you deserve better. Hope you get better OP.