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Today, I had to slowly explain to my boss that in some parts of the world, it's currently winter, due to the different hemispheres. He scoffed, accused me of "making shit up," and said that if I took him for a fool again, I'd be looking for a new job. FML
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  brackaman  |  18

@21 Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that just because it's summer here in america doesn't mean it's summer everywhere, including antarctica? O__o My whole life has lost meaning..

  zeep92  |  18

And in NZ! (Obviously :P)

  syley  |  5

48) why would you do that I mean CHRISTMAS VACATION off of school, if you had it in the summer you wouldn't get it.

Also how can you guys not get 42 was sarcastic?!? I know that people make a ton of dumb comments but come on.

  lilpixie21  |  11

You do get Christmas holiday in the southern hemisphere during summer, about 1 month in advance
where if in America it's spring, it's autumn in the lower hemisphere like Australia and winter northern it's summer

Being opposite due to how the current flows does not mean you don't get Christmas holiday down in the southern hemisphere it just means it rains more cos it rains more in the summer

  shannonreneee  |  11

I love having hot Christmas'. I've had both, and being in the warmth is way better. After lunch, go down to the beach, play cricket, drink and have a BBQ for dinner. Where as, in the winter is freezing and you spend most of the time in doors.

  peachesncreem  |  21

Sometimes you have to. I argued with a doctor about a patients leg wound being infected. He didn't believe me until she spiked a fever and it was oozing under the bandage.

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

"If you love her, she's always right." -Bernie Mack.
Although that doesn't apply here in any way, I just thought of it. :P

It's from that movie he was in with Ashton Kutcher if anyone was wondering.

  Jirekianu2  |  19

Companies have entire procedures and methods for just this sort of thing. Had a boss that was violating company policy and being abusive to employees to make customers happy. (the obnoxious ones that are never happy) So, a few filed complaints at HR and a secret shopper or two had our boss reassigned in a month. Especially since I had signed stuff from coworkers stating that they'd seen the same things I did.

  Suptnik  |  9

93 - You're absolutely right. Except I'm not worried about the individual as much as I am about the human gene pool, which needs as much help as it can get nowadays...

  evilplatypus  |  38

7 - Interestingly enough, they never taught that in any of my schools. The things they consider "useful" in life versus what actually is, often dies not intersect. The fact that season occur differently around the world was something that I just picked up from talking to people when I was little.

  writergirl23  |  19

Having said that, being able to enjoy the beach and ice cream at Christmas time is much more my cup of tea. Sure, I love snow, but where I live we don't even get that when it goes below 0 degs C (32 F). I'd rather not spend Christmas with a runny nose, sore throat, and a cough thank you! Lol

  Zachthejoker  |  10

In all fairness, we all work for dumbasses. My boss thought that Greenland is where the Loch Ness monster resides, because Loch Ness lake is " too obvious"