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Today, my mom was in a really bad mood, so I stayed in my room to avoid her. It didn't take long before she barged in and started bitching about my dog, who'd pissed her off by acting too happy. Yes, she's actually that insane, and I have to deal with it on a daily basis. FML
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Well then, it's a good thing that you atleast have your dog to cheer you up through such days... :)


That doesn't sound like a healthy environment. If you have any able relatives, you should talk to them about it, they may be able to take you in so you can have a more stable home.

her mom seems like she has a bad temper is all. there's no way you got enough info from the FML to seriously suggest something so drastic

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The OP said "on a daily basis." That, paired with the fact OP felt the need to avoid Monster Mom gives plenty of info to conclude that maybe OP could live somewhere else. It's not necessarily drastic, either. Some people are just incompatible living together.

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I have to agree with 15. We don't know enough, we don't live there, this could be exaggerated too. Maybe OP's mom needs antidepressants or something.

I don't think it's that drastic, lots of children move in with relatives while their parents get their lives together. It doesn't have to be permanent, but nobody should feel compelled to hide in their own home. I will concede that we don't know the whole story, but if you replaced the mom with a significant other, the general consensus would likely be to end the relationship.

I would argue that relocating your whole life is a drastic thing to do. also we don't even know how old OP is maybe OP is a teen, I know lots of teens that complain about their parents being "crazing" on a daily basis it's definitely nothing unusual.

@48 And it's precisely people who share that attitude of yours that leads to teenagers in abusive homes not being taken seriously...

youre assuming things... all I said was theres not enough evidence to prove ops mom is abusive. OP is more then likely a teen and teen blow this stuff out of proportion, I am well aware of what physical and psychological abuse can do to someone, I'm just saying you guys need to chill there no way you can know OPs mom is abusive just from this post.

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Your comments piss me off. I had a friend in high school whose father hated her. She was a wonderful girl and he had mental problems, so no matter what she did; talking to her mom or just reading a book, the sight of her enraged him. She ended up living with her aunt and uncle in the same city, didnt even have to change schools. It was much better for everyone. Just because a teenager says something doesnt mean they're exaggerating for attention. And just because you havent seen it first hand doesnt mean ****** up parents dont exist.

Gonna get thumbed down for this like no one ever has but dogs really can be incredibly annoying

And so can you, but we're not complaining. ..Oh wait. We are.

I get what you mean they can be really clingy and annoying sometimes but if you don't like them don't buy them

People can have opinions if they want. If you look past how cute dogs are, they really just bark a lot, possibly bite you or others, and take up your resources. Put in the cute part, everybody likes them.

You ignore the relationships people can have with dogs and how much they can help people.

Well then, it's a good thing that you atleast have your dog to cheer you up through such days... :)

But I thought a happy dog is like a yawn. You can't help but be happy too. It's like the laws of physics or something!

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Please stop being an idiot. Respect is a two way street you receive the same amount as you give. Being a parent doesn't give a person respect. It was said person's choice to have a child so it's their responsibility to take care of it. Plus no where was op being disrespectful. Just trying to avoid their bat shit crazy mom.

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And yes when u ain't knew how to shit they did it whether it's night or day so you stop being an idiot and asshole

Parents are also flawed human beings just like everyone else. Putting them on a pedestal is foolish and short sighted.

17, I completely disagree. My mother's father abused her regularly when she was young. He doesn't deserve any "respect" from her at all. She refers to him as "sperm donor" because that's all he is to her - not a loving parent, just one half of her DNA. Parents only deserve respect when they do something to earn it, just like everybody else in this world.

That's no excuse. Everything has a limit. Everyone has a limit. So what, you think OP should keep ignoring his mom's attitude for no reason ? Yeah, because if he even dares defend himself, he'll be yelled at even more. WTF Oh wait, I forgot, according to some of the previous commenters, parents are always right and deserve respect. Nope, you earn respect, I don't care if you're my mom, if you treat me like crap and get angry at me everyday without good reason, you don't deserve my attention and respect.

My aunt has done sort of the same thing. Her husband finally found good antidepressants that work very well for his depression and now she's complaining, "he's too happy and energetic all the time now." She has depression herself, but she's in denial about it, so it goes completely untreated. I think that's a contribution to why she doesn't like or can keep up to her husband's attitude anymore.

Once you find the right "cocktail" of prescriptions it makes a world of difference. This is coming from someone who has battled depression and anxiety since his first memory.

Im glad your uncle is doing a lot better. That gives me hope. I have depression myself and it sucks. I spend most of my time alone in my room. Anything I do makes me feel gloomy for no reason.

#51 If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have depression? And what things did you change in your life that made depression easier to handle?

garc, I do not have a memory where I didn't have depression. My depression and anxiety are genetic. For years I was suicidal because I did not understand what was wrong with me, it made me antisocial, and my parents didn't want to deal with it. What has helped me greatly is my Faith in Jesus Christ, educating myself about the disease, finding a doctor who's tailored a drug cocktail to my needs, and a great support network. It's allowed me to further educate others about the disease, to help reduce the stigma of it, I channel my energy into projects (helps with the anxiety) and Church volunteering (helps with the depression). I still have flare ups and episodes but now that I am educated about the disease, as well as using coping skills, it makes it a bit easier to ride out.

It may be possible your mom might have mental issues. Not saying your mom is a crazy person, but my aunt had some similar signs and she had been getting progressively more eratic and crazy as the days went by. Finally we go to the doctor after she hits my grandmother and we find out she's been in a weird depression state with a slight growth in her brain. Not saying it's going to be this bad for you but it doesn't hurt to check.

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Somehow reminds me of my grandma. She bitches at my dad for posting ANYTHING on FB. Smh

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She could just be going through menopause. Might be worth checking?