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  emerson1  |  0

This is either FAKE or you just got pranked by some fans of The Bernie Mac Show

The episode where Bernies friend's are talking about what they did as kids explains this exact same prank.


Oh wow. There's two ways to read this. The first time I read it, I thought he was replacing his mailbox because he stole the old one, which is why he said karma.

Then I reread it, so someone stole the old mailbox, so I needed a new one.

Bad wording on the OP's part.

  1337Steph  |  0

@ Curry

Erm, Karma for stealing his own mailbox?

It's called common sense and it was worded fine. You're just dumb and not using your brain.
Why would someone steal something that they own, then buy something to replace it?
Then, once they replace it with the new one, it magically goes away and the old one is back on?

By  sconicho  |  0

I never comment, but I was thinking the same thing Ashbaby010 was. At LEAST they had the decency to return your old one.. although I suspect it will turn out to be someone you know who is just messing with you.