By growlr - 20/07/2011 09:17 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend told me my vagina looks like an old man in a hat. It's OK though, he said it was a nice hat. FML
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well tell him that he won't be seeing the old man and his hat for while

tell him his penis looks like a SMALL sleepy turtle! hahaha


if it's big enough to wear over as a hat, bet your future baby would come out as easily as a slide down a water park.

Well at least he doesn't think you have teeth in there!

Well at least he doesn't think you have teeth in there!

2ndSucks 15

Or maybe he was checking for teeth when he discovered the hat-like shape. He just has a strange ****** fetish all around.

no it's definitely a sombrero.

Well this reminds me of the time that my girlfriend wore a hat over her crotch, turned out she was a man.

Trupe 3

Or maybe it was a birthday hat. I love triangular vaginas.

bfsd42 20

68, are you like 12 years old?

I prefer pirate hats and cowboy hats, personally

green_eggs_and_h 0

85- I ******* love triangular vaginas too. Everybody does; don't you? Freak...

-86 You can't forget pope type hats.

je_suis_fml 11

Sooo is it safe to conclude that your boyfriend enjoys being intimate with old men in hats... nice hats!?

maybe it's like the sorting hat in Harry potter

top hats are ******* epic

I prefer sombreros.

So that you can insert your triangula....actually lets not go there

if it is this much big, I feel sorry for your boyfriend since he would feel nothing during sex

she doesn't wanna look like Abe Lincoln bro hahaha

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i agree with you

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old peole in top hats are sexy

supersetzer90 3


well tell him that he won't be seeing the old man and his hat for while

juicedboi 7

Don't deprive him of her special Fedora wearing friend. Lives freely amongst the jungle and needs that hat for the occasional sunlight that shrouds over the thick brush that he calls home. Yeah I went too far.. so what.

I say pics or it's fake ;)

48- If a girl's boyfriend is insulting her ******, why on earth would you want to see it? You think the guy did it for kicks?

Maybe OP should start doing exercise's to make it look less... "old man wearing a hat"-ish. Nvm I don't know, Your life sucks OP.

lbumbblebee 5

lol There are actually techniques to keeping your ****** young looking ... just saying

pharmbrooke35 0

I told my boyfriend about this FML and he said..":-)ill have to check that next time lol"

a weird description of a vag.

monkeebalz 0

hopefully not one of those furry davy-crocket coon skin hats

I don't get how a ****** could look like a person.....

kaykay9080 5

Must be the time f0r a trim~


#133 I don't think he meant that HER ****** is "weird" or something but I guess that is how he sees them in general. Because let's be honest, genitals aren't the most aesthetic things on the planet.

tell him his penis looks like a SMALL sleepy turtle! hahaha

One bad comment to a mans "area" can cause major trust and emotional problems and will probably lead to a major breakup.

But its acceptable for a man to make bad comments to women's 'areas'... double standard much? and that's coming from a guy.

whippymcdumb4zs 0

I was gonna go with tic-tac, but that's coo too.

Symmetry88 0

no 79 TIC TAC is over used, and if he has a small Tic tac you're just jealous because he can't freshen your breath ;)

Sarababyyy94 0

symetry88.... hahaha! win! (= that made me laugh!!!

ibitehard 9

But what if it's the exact opposite of a sleeping turtle?

no more like an awake chinchilla or something (hence exact opposite)

nikkilorenz7 5

whaaaaaa? your picture blows my mind.

You dumbass, learn to love a joke for what it is

knight0748 5

tell him that suck face with the old man would turn you on.

Osito2011 9

that is a little weird

ur vajeen hang like sleeve ov wizard!

should've made a joke about his penis saying something like it looks like a pencil size small n skinny but yet u still like it

hats are in at the moment...

I need a hat over my face to rest when I'm in my hammock... so yeah, I'd say there in! :D

lucky old men aren't in, it would be pretty awkward having one of them sit on your face while kicking back on your hammock

bpell15 5

wait... it's awkward for you to have an old man sit on your face while laying on a hammock? dang. I thought it was normal.

that's just what the old man who sits on your face wanted you to believe

Look on the bright side : some folks find old people cute. At least he isnt checking for teeth.

hahaha that's what I thought!

glitchedgamer 0

Could have said it looks like a Cloyster.

ydi for having an ugly ******

It's not an ugly ******, it's just unique! I bet YOUR ****** doesn't have a hat! *indignant sniffle*

softball1432 0

as if she could plan out what she looked like.. I'm sure your ****** isn't the best looking one either..

I'm a guy geniuses, did you Think a Girl would be so insensitive? If you girls Can judge us men om our penis size, we Can judge your vags...;)

we don't judge men because of what their penis looks like, we judge penises by the men it belongs to. if it's love, it doesn't matter what size or shape, but if the man is an asshole, well, then we make insulting comments on their precious little area:)

I bet ur uglier jk jk but really don't be mean

good point. LOL.

I'm sure he doesn't even have a penis. only dick he has is his personality, probably why he has the "I haven't got laid" attitude ;o

itsgen 16

I think all vaginas are ugly there just ugh I don't care if guys think there good looking to me there all ugly

iLoveBoobies21 0

9- ydi for having a lame ass comment.

wikkedphuka 0

i knew u were a guy becuz ur comment reaked of azzhole so yep women are nit azzez as u r .... sir lol see polite

dick head maybe her bf's just an ass

How would that work?

Oh, wait I see it now. *Barfs on phone*