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Today, my neighbours came to yell at me as they could hear my "shit music" through my window during the afternoon, so I turned it off. They then began to play their definition of "quality music" into the late hours of the night. I was listening to the Beatles. They blasted Nicki Minaj. FML
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Who would willingly listen to Nicki Minaj?

damwoods 12

When you live in the ghetto what can you say .....


You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe.

I think this was a joke..... Do ppl on this site not get jokes....?

We get jokes when they are funny. This isn't. I hope that clears it up.

why do you have to call people offensive names

The day that nicki manaj is better then the Beatles is the day i give up on our generations music.

Bring out the ol white flag. I just saw an image which depicts a comparison between pink Floyd and Justin bieber. The fact that someone even thinks is a fair comparison Is sad and depressing. The fact that they think Justin is better has caused a small amount of my soul to wither into a pile of despair which was briefly ignited by the fires of blasphemy.

70 - wait, are you saying the day Nicki or Nikki Minaj changes her act, becomes a real artist, actually tries to make music that's good and decent is the day you give up on our generation's music? And our generation's music is great, you're just looking in all the wrong places. I mean, we have Arcade Fire, Radiohead. They' re amazing. Bad music has always been around. Case and point: the Monkees. An artificial band made to mimic the Beatles. Their albums sold more than The Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined, and that was when Beatlemania was still rampant

#83 What are you talking about? The Monkees albums and singles have sold only around 70 million copies worldwide. The Beatles have sold 600 MILLION copies and Rolling Stones 200 million.

TheForgetfulOne 12

Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, etc. probably won't be remembered 20+ years from now. Most bands and artists of any genre today won't be remembered. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. and those bands will never be forgotten. What makes an artist/band great isn't how many people listen to them, or how many copies they sell. It's the impact they have on music as a whole. I'm not saying The Beatles are the greatest band ever based their musical impact, but they had a far bigger impact on music than any artist today.

fishstick557 14

70 which is the day I kill myself

spekledworf 18

My favorite band is The Eagles. My ex was obsessed with Taylor Swift. According to him I only listen to "shitty, untalented old geezers." I hate my generation.

I listen to metal, and as part of this music taste, I have talked to other older people with similar tastes, whose favorite bands are Metallica, slayer, led zeppelin and so forth told me that the Beatles were the Justin beibers of today. It's all respective. I'm not saying they are bad or not talented, I personally don't care for them, and find most of their lyrics horribly repetative (yellow submarine) but there was a different environment of music back then. Today, I love so many bands with real raw talent and skill from such unbelievably humble beginnings and have meaningful lyrics, I know my genre is alive and kicking, but there is talent out there in others as well. Look at Adele. I love her voice and her lyrics, and just the way she handles being famous, by never letting the press near her. The Beatles loved attention and every girl was screaming after them like they are for Justin beiber today. I find most older music to just be annoying and repetitive and don't hand out my respect because they were actually the Justin beiber of the day, they have to make me look at the world and see it in a new way, make me feel like when the music starts I and dragged into a new world and when it stops I am no longer there, and make me yearn to go there again. That is music to me. But I digress. The Beatles are 10 trillion times better than the talentless ***** that make up the main stream rap scene, I don't even like the Beatles...

I gave up on this generations music when someone called me a ******* liar for telling them that Justin Beaver ripped off Queen, Not the other way around.

I gave up on our generation's music after I recuperated from internal bleeding in my ear canal after listening to Justin Bieber's "My World," or something like that. I wasn't really able to hear the name after.

mayor_west 8

True that. I've given up a loooong time ago.

I thought it was funny. It's an example of how embarrassingly stupid her lyrics are laced with sarcasm.

damwoods 12

When you live in the ghetto what can you say .....

chell1894 13

I don't think only people in the "ghetto" listen to nicki minag. I know of a lot of non ghetto people that listen to her. Like everyone 10 and up

You are both wrong... ONLY those who reside in the ghetto listen to Nicki. Outside the ghetto she is unheard of.

Are you kidding me? I go to a private school in suburban Delaware, and all the guys love her music in my grade.

@2 Well, in the ghetto, a lot of people say "Help! That man took my purse' and/or "You got the money? I got the stuff."

This comment is disgusting. The biggest group of rap listeners are suburban whites, but we all knew what you meant by ghetto. Sometimes, I sincerely ******* hate you people.

tjv3 10

You should have cranked your music up

You know exactly what I meant by you people. Just like you know what damwoods meant by ghetto.

He wouldn't be playing the Beatles in the "Ghetto." They wouldn't come over to ask him to stop playing his music either. They drag him out if his house and make him "bite the curb."

zero4life123 7

I'm about to give my opinion on something so bet I will get about 47 down votes. Anyways I would hate to listen to both those bands. I hate rap, but I hate the music the beatles made more.

Unfortunately I can confirm that. Nearly all my classmates listen to it. Some have children. Most are older than me. It makes me loose all hope in humanity.

Are people really down voting 185 for having a specific preference in music? I don't care how popular or disliked an artist is at least one person will not like them. For example, you might not like music that's normally way too loud so you'd say you don't like metal. And you know what? That's okay. You can't force someone to like a band. And not every song an artist publishes will be considered a "good song" by everybody. This will get down voted but I'm sure everyone here or anywhere would want to be looked down on for their taste in music. OP go and complain to them if you don't like it. It's not fair to you if they keep blasting that music and they made you take off yours. It's also not fair to other neighbors who don't want to hear your music either. If they refuse to put it down, file a noise complaint. Invest in some headphones to block out the other people and still hear your music.

zero4life123 7

See what did I tell you. I actually said that for two reasons. One to see what would happen, and two because its the truth. See everyone who down votes someone with a opinion that they don't like well if we look back in history you might find you are kind of like a nazi in world war 2. You had a opinion about hitler and it was bad, you would be killed. Huh seems different when your compared to a nazi now is it. Also thanks 191 for defending me

beannlove 7

to each is own, everyone has their opinion.. some just arent as good as others

I just want to add one thing... Nicki Minaj is NOT. RAP. Nor hip hop. People always say they hate rap and hip hop, but are always talking about Lil Wayne or Drake or Nicki Minaj. These people are not rap artists or hip hop artists. This is just plain crap. Hip Hop is like Nujabes, Wu Tang Clan, hell, you could even say Rage Against The Machine is hip hop (it is partially). That is the real stuff.

Altai_fml 4

People don't listen to Nicki MInaj in the ghetto, racist these days.

KaitlynNeal 13

Why would you comment this? .... Just why?

So apparently idk is now an adjective

Who would willingly listen to Nicki Minaj?

dinosaurzombie 14
rg350dx 29

4, there has been a shit ton of FMLs, lately, about people who complaining how people they know or are related to only listen to Nicki Minaj. One was a girl who has to pick the music for the funeral, another is a long car ride with Nicki Minaj on repeat all the way, etc...

Yours 32, she's gonna have to be put down now, we're all very sorry.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

I love Nicki Minaj. I think it's idiotic when people criticize others for their musical choices.

People only criticize others for their taste in music when what they like is complete shit.

My mom... When we go on lobg road trips. ;)

twaumat 28

people that are slightly deaf.

muffinXmonster 12

Well we know who is unwillingly listening to Nicki Minaj.

Well, not everyone wants to hear 4 guys sing about wanting to hold someone's hand.

It's their choice. They thought that the Beatles were shitty, and he thought Nicki Minaj is shitty. Everyone is different so you don't have to go bashing people for what they like ad dislike. Op next time turn your music back on and blast it louder.

Once again this generation is terrible.

moonfull101 13

I saw the first post in which you said the next generation is terrible yet those who raised some of those terrible kids were the older generation.

SilverInGray 25

I hate when people complain about this generation. Every generation has stupid people, every generation has bad music, every generation had problems. We just have the Internet and the tv to point out the crap now. There's still good people and good music in this one.

bamagrl410 31

5 - I hate this generation too, and unfortunately I'm technically considered part of it. The internet does indeed increase the audience for stupidity, however, people's values actually have changed. They change in every generation, typically to be more lax than before. In my opinion it's really sad to see some of the teenagers and what they consider to be "normal" or "acceptable" these days.

Call the cops and file a noise complaint.

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Should've told them to cut their music down too. Neighborly is reciprocity.

torihatfield 10

People don't know real music anymore. **** their lives for not understanding the value of the Beatles!

How is pop music not real music? The Beatles were extremely poppy, they'd even admit that. Hold me tight if I fell I wanna hold your hand is all pop music written and aimed towards teenage girls, so that's your definition of real music? I love the Beatles but you can't call other music crap considering they were writing songs exclusively to become rich. By the way there's nothing wrong with that and they are the greatest band ever.

McNikk 15

When did she say anything about pop music specifically?

torihatfield 10

The difference between Nikki Manaj and the Beatles is the fact the quality of sound. The Beatles took their time and recorded music that was GOOD. Nikki Manaj makes music that is just loud, obnoxious screaming into the microphone. I love pop music. Like Alanis Morrisette, The Beatles, Maroon Five, etc. I hate crap music. Like Nikki Manaj, Drake, etc.

Some people might not appreciate the value of Beatles, but they certainly need to learn how to differentiate between garbage lyrics and the decent ones. I think a 3rd grader could write more meaningful lyrics than her.

I think I love you haha i agree big time

And you know real music? Well Anglo Saxons no real music, right?

still_guns 16

start playing your 'shit' music again