By Le Dookie - 19/10/2018 15:00 - United States - Sugar Land

Today, I got denied a refund for my dream coffee machine. I've overdrafted my bank account to buy it on Offer Up for an excellent price, but USPS delivered the package to a wrong address. Someone got it for free. Offer Up won't refund me because it says "delivered" on the tracking page. FML
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I'm sorry, you overdrafted your bank account for a COFFEE MACHINE? You know you can't live solely on coffee, right?

Did we learn to check the address twice and not to overdraft?


Did we learn to check the address twice and not to overdraft?

Though I agree with you on the overdraft part, I must say that OP may have put the right address down but the person delivering confused her house with someone else's. This happens all the time at where I'm living. The neighbors always receive our packages when new delivery people get confused, or the new delivery people don't bring the packages due to confusion but state that it was "delivered." It's a real burden.

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OP isn't the delivery person.

I'm sorry, you overdrafted your bank account for a COFFEE MACHINE? You know you can't live solely on coffee, right?

Lies. Coffee is the key to success for any full time worker and college student

You dream about coffee machines? Sex isn’t interesting enough for you?

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Dream is a brand/model of coffee machines...

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believe it or not some folks especially females think about more than just sex

You’re becoming my favorite commenter here, including me!😂😂😂

take those dumbshits to court or find the prick who got your machine and take it.back

So, you either somehow screwed up the address (Thank GOD I have my address saved on Amazon), or the delivery guy is a few brain cells short of proper activity. I’m going with the former.

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You dream of coffee machines? Dream bigger and buy yourself a cheap french press

How were you going to buy coffee?

I don't know how it is in the US but chances are the legislation is fairly similar. Where I live, the seller is bound to deliver the package. It is an obligation by law and if you didn't get your package you can actually file a formal complaint for free via Internet. The seller can then attack the postal service / transporter for their mistake AFTER they refunded / replaced your purchase. I would try calling the customer service and insist especially if it was an expensive item.

There are so many things wrong here. First, you have a DREAM coffee machine? Second, you overdrafted your bank account to get said coffee machine? I'd give you the benefit of the doubt that you put in the right address, but considering how stupid the rest of this stuff is, that's probably not accurate. I know how badly the USPS sucks, trust me, but still.

First thing: go to your local post office and inquire. You probably need the tracking number. They can access more information about where it was delivered. If possible, talk to your mail carrier, and see if they remember where they left it. If that doesn't work, go to social media. Post on their Facebook page. Tweet about it with hashtags. All of the delivery services deliver to wrong addresses rather frequently. I get other people's mail three or four times a month, and I've had a neighbor's package left at my door. I had a package that said delivered by Fed Ex which was definitely not delivered to my door -- I was home, and would have known. But the company that sent it simply sent another.