By Anonymous - 12/05/2015 03:02 - United States - Springfield

Today, my new prescription medicine for my chronic acne did in fact work. It worked by inflaming the skin around my zits so that they blended in. FML
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"And now no-one can tell when I'm blushing." The ad just writes itself.


It's kind of like the whole "Oh your hand hurts let me kick you in the shin so your hand won't hurt as bad" scenario.

Sounds to me like it's more noticeable. Now it looks like op has double the acne and a really red inflamed face.

Depends on whether you think it looks better or not, do you think it helped or "helped"?

I guess it did "help" if his/her goal was to look like a ripe tomato :P

Personally I love looking like a ripe tomato, but one day I hope to advance to a watermelon.

Do you mean the inside or the outside of a watermelon? ;)

"And now no-one can tell when I'm blushing." The ad just writes itself.

hey maybe when the inflammation stops, the zits will disappear too! As long as it works, right? heh.

that was my first thought! Kind of like Buckley's- "tastes awful but it works."

Ya, as horrible as it is, op should give it about 2-4 weeks. Hopefully op will see some minor improvement after the first week. There are lots of products and meds out there that actually make the acne worse for the first bit before it starts to get better.

At least you'll be the best looking tomato in town :)

I reckon you'd still look pretty beautiful

The acne is now the least of your problems with your swollen face.

That reminds me of the time I broke my arm. It looked weird, so I broke my other arm to balance it all out.

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Well at least now the acne isn't a problem.