By Joanne - 24/02/2012 13:26 - Australia

Today, my mother-in-law thought it would be appropriate to give my five-year-old daughter some bedclothes with the Playboy logo all over them. FML
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vdjones 0

Worse that Playboy found it appropriate to make things for 5 year old.


I'm a total asshole with nothing to say at all, the only thing I have in my life is trying to be the first post in a comments section, I'm pathetic.

Damn_Hippster 11

OP don't worry, there just pajamas. I have Jackass boxers but it doesn't mean I'm going to go around acting like the guys from Jackass.

IAdminIFlow 0

LOL OP maybe granny just wants her sweet grand daughter to grow up a little too quckly

HannahWho 8

I know it seems bad, but maybe the little girl likes bunnies or the Mother-In_Law didn't know and thought they were just pjs.

justmethough 8

She's five, I doubt she'd recognize the logo and I highly doubt that it'll affect her future any.

Llamacod 11

Gotta start me while they're young I guess.

littletinyME 5

Why do they even make playboy pajamas for little kids?

X_Codes 11

#118 - I was just about to ask that same thing.

i wonder how many people read that whole thing? how about how many people cared?

so? shes not gonna know what it is if she likes it coz it's a bunny then let her most ppl buy playboy anyway coz the logos cool they don't think bout what's behind it like me I have playboy car seats n steering wheel cover n a cd sleeve that came with it and I don't give a shit bout the real meaning

MissHayleyJames 7

Hmm too bad we'll all still always give little girls their Barbie dolls.

Thank you, 135. Yes, "bedclothes" are sheets / blankets -- the clothes for your bed to wear, not the clothes you wear to bed.

SpruceDread4578 13

176- I read it because it's true. Others don't read it because they want to hide from the sad truth.

zadie 6

Grandma's pushing for greatgrandchildren?

Idonebeenhad 17

It's not like she knows, she probably just thinks its a bunny

miZscrZee 0

Those are cute.(: I don't think it'll affect her since she's still so young.

Yeah I doubt she'll understand, but what if she decides that she likes the logo, and wears it around other family members? It's a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

C'mon like to a little child all it is is some pink or black bedclothes with a bunny on it! There's no real harm IMO

incognito1520 20

Exactly, there's no way the 5 year old can recognize that logo.

I personally find it ridiculous anyway! All these young girls walking around with playboy logos, it's pretty disgusting. I personally think it's quite trashy, and nothing says "I'm a ****" more than wearing a logo that is from ****...

Playboy is far from ****... Wtf is wrong with you?!

It's a tad thoughtless on mommy dearest-in-law's side...but it's not like she gave her a years subscription to Playboy. Some parents are way too anal

HannahWho 8

Did anyone think the Mother-In-Law honestly didn't know that is was playboy?

4. I agree with you 100%. Children have no clue to the world around them. They are innocent to the core, it's when we start explaining things to them is when the corruption begins. Plus, some girls actually dream of being in playboy and can't wait for the day they turn 18. If we didn't have girls with that mentality, there wouldn't be playboy to begin with, and no one wants that...

37, based on today's children, she'd probably recognize it by the time she's 8. Think about all the kids on the Internet who are still in elementary, yet know so many sexual and crude terms it's not even funny. I'm sure they'll pass that down to their younger siblings which could include OP's daughter.

50, while it's possible the mother-in-law didn't recognize the logo, it's doubtful. Playboy has been around for nearly 60 years, which is probably longer than the mother-in-law has been alive.

shell have 5 or 8 more years till she finds out what it really is and anyway she'll be outgrown it kids always go one to another all the time soon just introduce hello kitty or something

lionandthelamb61 9

Characterise, say it with me, "Punctuation is my friend."

om102907 4

What the hell is wrong with u?

The gram probably thought they were easter bunnies.

To a 5 year old, they are nothing but bunny rabbits, the type that hops around, have big ears, eats carrots, and poops a lot.

Easter Bunnies that silently walk around and hug kids at restaurants often wear bow ties.

Better than what I got... My mom was murdered on my bed and there was blood everywhere, we had no money so we couldn't afford to get new sheets. So I found bleach and tried very hard to remove all color. I wanted the blood gone... So much blood.. Bleach everywhere... Color... Bad.... Well that's why I'm a mime! Who's creeped out completely?

omfg_creepers 8

Only mothers (in laws are questionable) know best!

julialinn 2

They said daughter in the fml lol

"He'll"??? They said playboy bunnies, not gayboy bunnies!!!

"He'll"??? They said playboy bunnies, not gayboy bunnies!!!